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Year 4

Week 2!!- We hope you are all well and enjoying your home learning experience-  Remember all of the activities below are there to help- You might choose to do more activities on one day than another it is up to you and your parents.  We hope you are enjoying being Active (Your teachers have been taking part in the PE lessons with Joe Wicks- If you've not- Have a go they are great!)

You will find links to lots of our favourites including Purple Mash and TT Rockstars - Let's see which class can be the winners in the ultimate Times tables battles!!

Try to complete reading, spellings and times tables daily in addition to other activities.

Continue to record written work into your exercise books. 

Well done to all of you who have done your 2do's on Purple Mash- we will continue to mark each activity and let you know how you have got on!  We have set some more for you to do- keep checking as sometimes we might ask you to re-do an activity.

In addition to the new activities below for English and Maths carry on with the sheets in your home learning pack and continue to work on your projects.

Remember to email if you need any help (Or just want to check in!)

Keep Smiling

Year 4 team x

Please find below a link to help us join together with our families in prayer.



Try to read daily- below you will find some links to e-books.  Also try to use My Book Blog- we will keep up to date with your progress and are looking forward to responding to your blogs!  Try to complete 2 comprehensions each week- These can be found in your paper pack.

Week 2- English- We will use the 'picture a day' website 'Pobble 365'to help develop our imaginative writing. 

This week we are looking at all things supernatural and Alien!!  Unidentified (July 24th Picture of the day)

Look at the picture- what do you think is happening? What is at the end of the tunnel? Read the story starter - Now think about the picture- has your point of view changed?

Activity 1- Read and discuss the questions- Answer the questions into your book.

Activity 2- Imagine you came face to face with an Alien- Is it nice or not?  What might it look like?  

             Draw your Alien and label with descriptive vocabulary.

Activity 3- Using your descriptive vocabulary write a character description of your Alien- remember to include

             what it looks like and is like.  Also describes how he moves/ sounds etc.

Acitivity 4- Using the story starter what do you think happens next? Split your page into 4-

              Draw a storyboard for the remainder of the story. 

Activity 5- Using the plot from your story board - continue the story- Remember to Hook the reader/

              Use descriptive language/ Set the scene/ Use paragraphs/ Prepositions/ Adverbs (ly openers)


Also below are Reading and Sentence activities in addition to our writing.

 Year+4+Week 2 Reading Activities 1.pdfDownload
 Year+4+Week 2 Reading Activities 2.pdfDownload
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Maths- Week 2- Tenths and Hundredths


In school we follow the White Rose Hub scheme- they have now released on line tutorials and supporting materials which we feel are excellent for our children. Please note this may be new learning for some children and if this proves too tricky let us know.

You can access whiterose maths which has a daily activity through:


Just follow these four easy steps…

  1. Click on the set of lessons for your year group.
  2. Watch the video.
  3. Find a calm space where you can work for about 20-30 minutes.
  4. Use the video guidance for support through a lesson.

Flashback 4 is also a great way to recap some of the maths taught so far. There's one slide per day

Remember as well to continue to work through your revision sheets in your paper pack.

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Keep remembering to practise your spellings daily. Please log onto purple mash to quiz yourself on this week's spellings- these will be changed weekly.



Times Tables

Spend at least 15 minutes a day practising your times tables- Which class will win the Battle of the Bands???    


Paper based resources- Please find below some of the resources from your paper pack.  These can be completed in any order you choose. 

 ADD 2 4 DIGIT NUMBERS 1.pdfDownload
 ADD 2 4 DIGIT NUMBERS 4.pdfDownload
 ADD 2 DIGIT NUMBERS 3.pdfDownload
 Year 4 Week 6 SPELLING LIST.pdfDownload
 Year4 Week5 SPELLING LIST.pdfDownload
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IN ADDITION!...  Please find below extra suggestions which may be of help.


Find out facts about the River Nile and write this up as a non-fiction report to include subheadings, fact boxes as well as diagrams and labels. 


Duolingo - Spanish learning






Year 4 Projects- Can you choose one of the projects to complete at home.  Take pictures and send them to us to let us know how you are getting on!

 GEOGRAPHY - Settlements An Ideal Place to Settle.pdfDownload
 GEOGRAPHY Settlement information.pdfDownload
 GEOGRPAHY Settlements - Designing a Settlement.pdfDownload
 Home learning pack Food Chain Project.pdfDownload
 Home learning pack PROJECTS 1.pdfDownload
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Remember to keep active! Take a look at for some ideas.

Joe Wicks (The Body Coach) is running online PE lessons every weekday at 9am on his YouTube channel. 

Supermovers is also a great way of keeping fit and learning our timestables: