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Year 4

As we are officially on half term,  there will be no new home learning set for the next 2 weeks!  That gives you lots of time to enjoy the sunshine (hopefully!), spend time with your family or to catch up with your reading.

Whatever you do - have fun and stay safe!



Summer term week 5-  

The Last week of half term! Time flies doesn't it!

Keep the photos and emails coming! Look towards the bottom of our page to see what your friends have been up to!

We hope you are all well and we also hope you are continuing to enjoy your home learning experience- We know you are missing your friends- (We are missing you all too) - If you want to send pictures/ drawings/ poster messages to us for your friends we can post them on our page.

Remember all of the activities below are there to help- You might choose to do more activities on one day than another -it is up to you and your parents. (Look at the BBC bitesize or National Academy if you can (Find the links below)- they are great)

 Try to do some activities every week day!

Try to complete reading, spellings and times tables daily in addition to other activities.  Each week try to complete a written piece of work into your exercise book and a reading comprehension activity.  If you can complete your purple mash 2Do's we can comment on your work.

Below you will find a range of learning materials (Online and paper based) If you are struggling to access anything please contact us on the emails above and we can try to help.

Remember to email if you need any help (Or just want to check in!)

Keep Smiling

Year 4 team x

(We will leave the previous weeks' resources at the bottom of the page if you want to access those too)

There are lots of resources which have become available recently due to the school closures.  Two excellent resources are BBC Bitesize Daily  and Oak Academy- these provide structure and are very interactive.

One option is to complete the daily sessions on one of the websites above- all of the work is linked to our Year 4 curriculum objectives.

English- Each week we will have a range of Reading, writing and SPAG activities.  These are in addition to the purple mash spellings.

This week our English text focus is Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters.  It is a story with a moral.  Below there are activities to choose from over the week.  

You will also find an optional writing activity- Have a look at the suggestions and try one of the activities.

 18 MAY What-is-an-Adverbial.pdfDownload
 Choose a writing activity.pdfDownload
 Year 4 Week 5 Activities 3 & 4.pdfDownload
 Year 4 Week 5 Activity 1 &2.pdfDownload
 Year 4 Week 5 Activity 5.pdfDownload
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Try to read daily- below you will find some links to e-books.  Also try to use My Book Blog- we will keep up to date with your progress and are looking forward to responding to your blogs! 

 David Walliams -

David Walliams is releasing an audio story every day at 11am for the next month called elevenses.

 JK Rowling -  

This website has lots of free activities such as wordsearches, fact files, quizzes and video clips, it also has free access to the first Harry Potter book on Audible.

 If you can, take a picture and show us you what you are reading.

Maths- WC 18th May 2020


In school we follow the White Rose Hub scheme- they continue to have online tutorials and supporting materials which we feel are excellent for our children. Please note this may be new learning for some children and if this proves too tricky use the worksheets attached below instead.

You can access whiterose maths which has a daily activity through:

The worksheets are no longer on the white rose maths website but can be accessed from here:



 wk5 Lesson-1-Answers-Recognise-tenths-and-hundredths-2019.pdfDownload
 wk5 Lesson-1-Recognise-tenths-and-hundredths-2019.pdfDownload
 wk5 Lesson-2-Answers-Equivalent-fractions-1-2019.pdfDownload
 wk5 Lesson-2-Equivalent-fractions-1-2019.pdfDownload
 wk5 Lesson-3-Answers-Equivalent-fractions-2-2019.pdfDownload
 wk5 Lesson-3-Equivalent-fractions-2-2019.pdfDownload
 wk5 Lesson-4-Answers-Fractions-greater-than-1-2019.pdfDownload
 wk5 Lesson-4-Fractions-greater-than-1-2019.pdfDownload
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Remember the White Rose Hub units are new learning and there are tutorials to help you. Alternatively you can use the worksheets below.

The resources below are excellent for practising multiplication and division- there are lots of sheets so they will last for 2 weeks.  We have also attached the answer sheet so you can mark your work too.

 Summer 1 week 4 & 5 Multiplication & Division answers.pdfDownload
 Summer 1 week 4 & 5 Multiplication & Division.pdfDownload
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St Joseph's are launching the 'Spirited Arts' competition during May.  This is a nationwide competition for all age groups to express their faith through art, music, drama, poetry, dance or whatever else you can think of!  All ages can enter and the best 10 will be chosen to represent our school.  We can't wait to see your amazing entries!
Please see the Religion page on our website for more information. 


Please find below a link to help us join together with our families in prayer.


We are now in the 6th Week of EASTERTIDE- this is the time after Easter Sunday leading up to Pentecost when the Holy Spirit came upon the disciples.  It is a time of New life and celebration of the Resurrection.

Throughout the Month of May we especially remember Mary, the mother of Jesus. Think about the qualities of Mary.  Can you draw/paint a portrait of Mary? 

ART-Self portraits.  Can you use a mirror to draw a self portrait? You can use any style and colours you choose.  Look at some famous artists Self Portraits- you could create your design using their style.

From left to right: Van Gogh, Picasso, Andy Warhol, Freida Kahlo, Leonard Divinci

Can you find out information about one of these artists?

Send your portraits in and we can create a gallery.

Geography & History

Below you will find a range of activities for you to work through over the next few weeks.  We have focussed on map skills and further developing an understanding of the world around us. We hope you enjoy these activities!

 DIGIMAPS Geography home learningPPT.pdfDownload
 Y4.Worldwise_Local_Quiz_County_names_round QUESTIONS.pdfDownload
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Spring into Spring!!

Find below a range of activities to try at home over the coming weeks.  Let us know which you choose!

 Spring Activities.pdfDownload
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In Music we will be looking at the songs of Elton John.  Can you listen to some of his music and think about whether you like it or not? Which are your favourite songs? Can you have a go at singing along?

 Elton John Music Appreciation.pdfDownload
 Elton-John-your-song worksheet.pdfDownload
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At St Joseph's our Mission statement shows that everything we do is with other's in mind. We are a very special family. In this tricky time it is even more important for us to consider other people. Can you use the link below to think about the acts of kindness you can do which will make a difference during our time at home!!
(SEND us photos of what you have done!) 

WELLBEING!- Now - even more than ever it is important that we are looking after our emotional and mental well being- please use the materials attached with the children to help them as we journey together through these tricky times.  Please use the resources to suit  the needs of your children.

End of Year 4 Spelling List

 Year 4 Spelling List.pdfDownload
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Keep remembering to practise your spellings daily. Please log onto purple mash to quiz yourself on this week's spellings- these will be changed weekly. Above you will find the full list of words children should be able to spell by the end of Year 4. 

 Times Tables

Spend at least 15 minutes a day practising your times tables- Which class will win the Battle of the Bands???    


Remember to keep active! Take a look at for some ideas.

Joe Wicks (The Body Coach) is running online PE lessons every weekday at 9am on his YouTube channel. 

Supermovers is also a great way of keeping fit and learning our timestables:

If you want to try a little YOGA to relax visit Cosmic Yoga on You tube or Go Noodle.

Look at our home learning

Alana has been getting very creative in the Garden finding different types of leaves.  Well done, it looks fantastic!

Keep the pictures coming!!

A group of children from Year 4 and their siblings have been writing letters to each other.  They have created a snail mail list and been keeping in contact without a screen in sight! Well done! Even though we cannot see one another in person we can still keep in touch! 

The have been lots of examples of great learning in Year 4! Keep up the good work! Keep sending your pictures in.

Previous learning- Summer term

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 Week 3 -Maths challenge.pdfDownload
 Week 3- Fractions Maths Code Crackers.pdfDownload
 Week 3-Multiplication and Division Maths Code Crackers.pdfDownload
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 good shepherd worksearch pdf.pdfDownload
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 Conjunctions Powerpoint with Audio - Day 1.pptxDownload
 Suffix crossword.docxDownload
 Suffix worksheet.docxDownload
 Summer 1 week 2 - Activity 1, 2 & 3.pdfDownload
 Summer 1 week 2- Activity 4 & 5.pdfDownload
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 8 times tables worksheet.pdfDownload
 Sumer 1 week 2- Perimeter.pdfDownload
 Summer 1 week 2- perimeter 2.pdfDownload
 Summer 1 week 2- Perimeter 3.pdfDownload
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 Activity-Sheets-1 Food web.pdfDownload
 Activity-Sheets-2-Sustainability and recycling.pdfDownload
 Activity-Sheets-3-Reduce, reuse, recycle.pdfDownload
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Miss Brown's Brilliant Ideas!!- Miss Brown has been busy coming up with lots of activities to keep us active and creative during our home learning time.  Remember to send us any pictures or the activities you try!

1- Create a sculpture using household items.

2- Create a happy card for a vulnerable member of their community to cheer them up.

3- Help parents with at least one chore a day.

4- Bake a cake/ cup cakes for their family.

5- Plant a flower and record it’s weekly progress. Measurements, water intake, time taken to flower.


Send a picture if you can :)

IN ADDITION!...  Please find below extra suggestions which may be of help.



You can now access digimaps below with the username and password and explore what the world has to offer....
Username: SK5 6BG
Password: kemmed8193  
There's homelearning resources to explore:
Or if you prefer you can zoom in on Reddish or St Joseph's to find out what's in your local area.
Other websites:




Duolingo - Spanish learning


Year 4 Projects- Can you choose one of the projects to complete at home.  Take pictures and send them to us to let us know how you are getting on!

 GEOGRAPHY - Settlements An Ideal Place to Settle.pdfDownload
 GEOGRAPHY Settlement information.pdfDownload
 GEOGRPAHY Settlements - Designing a Settlement.pdfDownload
 Home learning pack Food Chain Project.pdfDownload
 Home learning pack PROJECTS 1.pdfDownload
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