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Year 3

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So here we are at the end of term!  We can't believe we won't get to say goodbye in person - we have missed you so much and are so proud of the work you have done over this strange time.  You have been an amazing year group and we have really enjoyed being part of your journey,

Have a wonderful summer and stay safe,

Mrs Field and Mr Bland

Miss Hulme, Mrs Barnes and Mrs Aiello



Should you need to e-mail us regarding your Home Learning, or if you would like to share any Home Learning you have been doing (please do - it's great to see how you've been getting on), please see the e-mail addresses below:



New English learning for 13.7.20 - this week we would like you to choose from the list of Summer themed activities below.  Hopefully the weather will be sunny so make sure you go outside and enjoy it (safely!) as much as you can.  Feel free to send in any examples of work so we can really end with a bang!!


  • write an acrostic poem using SUMMER, or HOLIDAY or even SUNSHINE
  • design and write a postcard from your dream holiday
  • write about your memories of year 3 and your hopes for year 4
  • write a letter to the year 2 children telling them all about year 3
  • design a wordsearch using lots of summery words!  if you send it in, we might even try and solve it!!

Please also follow the link below to access the Oak National Academy lessons:


In terms of reading, carry on reading books at home that you have or books from the library. Try carrying on your blogging about what you read using My Book Blog.

Oxford Owl has a lot of good resources to help you out. Take a look...

 Week 5 Mon Tues.docxDownload
 Week 5 Wed Thurs Fri.docxDownload
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 Week 4 Mon Tues.docxDownload
 Week 4 Wed Thurs Fri.docxDownload
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 Week 3 Mon Tues.docxDownload
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 Week 2 Mon Tues.docxDownload
 Week 2 Wed Thu Fri.docxDownload
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This week (13.7.20) for Maths, as something a little bit different, see if you can bring in your measurement, time and money skills by designing a garden party. Give yourself a budget and plan what you will need food-wise, drink-wise and decorations-wise. See if you can come up with a guest list and a seating plan, plus a time schedule of what will happen at each point. 

Good luck!


Oak National Academy have daily Maths lessons covering the Year 3 National Curriculum maths topics.


White Rose Maths Hub have a wealth of Home Learning worksheets on a variety of Maths topics, which are set out in a brain-friendly way. Take a look:


BBC Bitesize also have Maths lessons daily. Check out the latest ones using the link below:


Keep practising your Times Tables with TTRockstars. You can also log on to the Numbots page, which has lots of practice available for number bonds, addition and subtraction.

There are also some live lessons being put on by Gareth Metcalfe from I See Maths which encourage reasoning and problem solving. Follow this link:

In addition, we have put together some worksheets to be done at home. Please see below for the latest of these.

 Telling the Time.zipDownload
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 Reading Weighing Scales 2.docDownload
 Reading Weighing Scales.docDownload
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Click on the link below for a message from Bishop John to you all, children and parents, on the subject of your First Holy Communion.



As Geography would have been our focus this term, we will be adding different activities each week here, and on Purple Mash.


Why not familiarise yourself with the continents of the world with this game and song?

There are also some lessons on climate - click on the links below.


Have a go at some map work this half term by looking at Digimaps using the link and log in details below:

Username: SK5 6BG
Password: kemmed8193
Have a look at the powerpoint below which has a range of activities you can complete at home using Digimaps.


Put your geographical knowledge to the test with this CBBC quiz of European countries. Good luck!


There's also a wealth of resources on BBC Bitesize. Take a look here:


Below, you will find a mountains powerpoint to aid in your learning of mountains, and an practical sheet that helps you understand how mountains are formed through experiments!

 How mountains are formed using materials (1).docxDownload
 Y3 Mountains form (1).pptxDownload
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Purple Mash

There has been work set on Purple Mash for you to keep up to date with. Please log into your Purple Mash using the link below:


*Please ensure you save any work you do on Purple Mash into the 3NB or 3SF folder, depending on which class you are in. The save icon is in the top left hand corner of most 2Dos. 


See if you can have a go at sending Mr Bland or Mrs Field an email with an attachment in - simply go into the 2email app and click compose, then, when you've finished writing the email, click attach and attach a piece of saved work from your Purple Mash. This is a good way of keeping fresh in your memory what we've been learning about regarding email, but also it's a good way to contact others. Feel free to send (kind and respectful) emails to each other as well.



Our Summer Science topic is all about Forces.  What forces do you know?  Can you draw a picture of different forces? Can you find out their scientific names?  

There is lots on information on forces on the BBC website, which you can access here:

And there's also a wealth of information on DK Find Out:



We have been learning about the Ancient Greeks and their legacy (what they have done for us) in our History. See if you can research about Ancient Greek theatre, sports and buildings. DK Find Out, mysteries in time and National Geographic Kids have some great information:


  • Can you put the information you find out into a fact sheet? This could take the form of a general Ancient Greek fact file or, alternatively, you could write a fact file for each of the parts of Ancient Greek life - religion, clothes, buildings, theatre, sport and family life. 
  • Can you make a design for what a  Stone Age, Bronze Age or Iron Age settlement would be like?



It's important to try and  stay active at this time so here are a couple of websites to help with that.  PE Passport, which we use in school, has put some mini PE lessons online and Joe Wicks (the Body Coach) is doing a live workout at 9.00am each day.



Singing makes everyone feel better doesn't it?! Have a go at these songs to boost your mood this week.  You could even send us a video via email of you singing your favourite!!

Move It Monday - Wake up

Together on Tuesday - As One

Wellbeing Wednesday - This Is Me!

Thinking Thursday - Writing!

Fun Friday - Dang-a-Rang-a-Dang-Do!

Family Saturday - If I Were a Minibeast

Faith-Filled Sunday - Always Making Things



Have a look at singing with Dan, who runs choirs in Manchester - follow the link below...


There is also Out of the Ark, which is a fantastic resource split up into different weeks, each with activities to do. 



As we never got to make our healthy pitas as school, why not have a go at some Tasty Toast instead.  If  that doesn't tickle your tastebuds, the STEM website has lots of other food based activities that you could try. Please send us a picture of any scrumptious snacks that you make!!

Our amazing pieces of Home Learning...

This is Aidan's fantastic worry doll inspired by last week's work on Silly Billy by Anthony Browne.  Well done Aidan!!

Aidan wrote a super story inspired by the Mario and Luigi work last week. Well done Aidan!

Well done to Charlotte for this excellent piece of work of a broomstick design. Worthy of Harry Potter himself (or any of J.K. Rowling's other fantastic wizards and witches).

Ellis has been finding out about the war ahead of VE Day on Friday  - great work Ellis!

Well done to Ellie, who did this fantastic bunting colouring to celebrate VE day, which is on Friday 8th May. Fantastic!

Well done to Archie Stokes for his work focusing on different European countries, researching to find out about their flags, famous people from them, where in the world they are are and other information besides. Great work!

Annabella has been hard at work baking a lovely sponge cake, carefully measuring out the ingredients and reading out the recipe. Well done, looks delicious!

Ellie has made these delicious-looking, visually appealing and healthy fruit kebabs. They look absolutely scrumptious, well done.

Well done to Nolan who, with his brother Alfie, has been hard at work building a pirate ship, creatively reusing cardboard and completed with a shark in the water below. Great job!

This is Amelia's beautiful 'safe haven' picture.  She feels safe at home and at school, and that makes us very happy!  Keep it up Amelia.

Aidan was very quick off the mark making his prayer cube!  Well done!

Luke has been working very hard - here he is proudly showing off his Ancient Greece information, a plant he is growing in Science, his prayer cube and his story! Phew!!  Keep it up Luke!

Well done to Archie Stokes, who has done some great pieces of writing alongside exercising in the garden. Keep it up!

Well done to Amelia for her excellent work on the piano practising "Can You Feel the Love" from The Lion King. Sir Elton John would be proud!

A shout-out to Finley, who wrote these very engaging pieces of RE learning - one a recount by Jesus describing going into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, and the other a letter to Jesus saying sorry for turning the temple into a marketplace. Well done, Finley!

Well done to Charlotte, who has completed some fantastic work on Palm Sunday and Ancient Greek life. Great job!

A shout-out to Lewis, who has been very hard at work keeping fit in his garden, complete with a training circuit. Looks like a proper workout and a fantastic way to stay fit and healthy, not to mention a good way to hone those football skills. Well done!

Scarlett has written a fantastic magical story!  Well done!  I wonder how many more we could get by next week.....?

Frank has been hard at work producing a fantastic powerpoint presentation about Ancient Greece. Nice one! Take a look...

Alfie has been hard at work practising Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on the piano. Sounds great!

 1585836711-New Recording.zipDownload
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Willow has been hard at work doing science experiments at home. Looks like great fun and good learning involved too. Well done!

**Well Being Pack**

 Well Being Pack.docxDownload
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Maths Week 5

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 Y3 Spring Block 3 WO1 Pictograms 2019.pdfDownload
 Y3 Spring Block 3 WO2 Bar charts 2019.pdfDownload
 Y3 Spring Block 3 WO3 Tables 2019.pdfDownload
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 Maths Home Learning Pack Week 1 & 2 18.3.20.docxDownload
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