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Year 3

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Hello Year 3, Mrs Field and Mr Bland here. We've set up this page so you can keep up with some of your learning at home. Please ensure you are up to date with all the links and documents that are put on here.


Very best wishes.

Should you need to e-mail us regarding your Home Learning, please see the e-mail addresses below:



Attached below are two links to Everyday Prayer and Lenten Prayer.  It would be lovely to try and find some time to share these together as a family, especially at this difficult time.

God Bless




Purple Mash

There has been work set on Purple Mash for you to keep up to date with. Please log into your Purple Mash after searching for the St Joseph's Catholic Primary School portal (click on "Find my school's login page", then type in the search bar SK5 6BG and it will come up).


*Please ensure you save any work you do on Purple Mash into the 3NB or 3SF folder, depending on which class you are in. The save icon is in the top left hand corner of most 2Dos. 



 *New English learning for 27.3.20 - please see below in the Home Learning documents section *

Where the activity is 'differentiated' please choose the level that you are most comfortable with - remember to challenge yourself!


We have been looking at writing Magical Stories this term and we have just completed our Warm Writes about a magical world that the main character falls into. Can you have a go at writing your own at home and reading it out?

A reminder of the features:

  • A main character with descriptions of how they are feeling
  • A magical element - often a portal or something that transports them to a magical place
  • Lots of good descriptions of the magical element

In terms of reading, carry on reading books at home that you have or books from the library. Try carrying on your blogging about what you read using My Book Blog.


* Hamilton Trust have English (and Maths) packs, including the story of Icarus, which we have looked at in class. Follow the link below... * 


Oxford Owl has a lot of good resources to help you out. Take a look...


There is also a spelling document for you to keep up to date with correct spellings. Please see below in the document list.



* New Maths learning for 27.3.20 - please see below in the Home Learning documents section *

White Rose Hub have resources opening that will cover what we have been learning about so far in Maths. Go to for this.

Keep practising your Times Tables with TTRockstars. You can also log on to the Numbots page, which has lots of practice available for number bonds, addition and subtraction.

There are also some live lessons being put on by Gareth Metcalfe from I See Maths which encourage reasoning and problem solving.

In addition, we have put together a Home Learning pack of the things we have done in class so far for you to work through. Please see below.



In Science, we have been learning about plants this term. See if you can take a walk and record the different types of plants you see. What do they need to grow? Can you draw a labelled diagram of a plant you see at home?

There is lots on information on plants on the BBC website, which you can access here: 

And there's also a wealth of information on DK Find Out:


* We have also been looking at rocks and fossils. Can you map out the knowledge you have learnt about this? You might want to collect different types of rocks and put them into categories, for example soft, medium and hard. Which are best for building? Which would be best for a statue? Where are fossils found in the UK? How are they formed and what different types of fossils can be found? *



We have been learning about the Ancient Greeks and their legacy (what they have done for us) in our History. See if you can research about Ancient Greek theatre, sports and buildings. DK Find Out, mysteries in time and National Geographic Kids have some great information:


  • Can you put the information you find out into a fact sheet? This could take the form of a general Ancient Greek fact file or, alternatively, you could write a fact file for each of the parts of Ancient Greek life - religion, clothes, buildings, theatre, sport and family life. *


Put your geographical knowledge to the test with this CBBC quiz of European countries. Good luck!



It's important to try and  stay active at this time so here are a couple of websites to help with that.  PE Passport, which we use in school, has put some mini PE lessons online and Joe Wicks (the Body Coach) is doing a live workout at 9.00am each day.


Home Learning Documents



 Create a Superhero.pdfDownload
 Fossils Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity.pdfDownload
 Fronted adverbial word mat.pdfDownload
 Main Clause Followed by a Subordinate Clause Rule Activity.pdfDownload
 Spelling and Handwriting Practise.pdfDownload
 Spot the fronted adverbial.pdfDownload
 Subordinate Clauses Differentiated Activity Sheets.pdfDownload
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 English Home Learning.docDownload
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 Y3 Spring Block 3 WO1 Pictograms 2019.pdfDownload
 Y3 Spring Block 3 WO2 Bar charts 2019.pdfDownload
 Y3 Spring Block 3 WO3 Tables 2019.pdfDownload
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 Maths Home Learning Pack Week 1 & 2 18.3.20.docxDownload
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