St Joseph's Catholic Primary School Reddish



This week in maths we are learning all about mass and capacity.

We will be using a balance in the first lesson and learning the vocabulary: heavy, light, heavier than, lighter than, the same weight as. Please follow the PowerPoint and try out holding the objects for real yourself, pretending to be a human balance.

The next PowerPoint is about capacity. Again learning vocabulary: full, empty, nearly full, nearly empty and exploring the capacity of different containers. Please follow this PowerPoint too!


This week our focus is on the story 'One Snowy Night' by Nick Butterworth. It is one of our Percy the Park Keeper books. If you have access to it at home and can read it then great but if not you can watch the story here being read by the author:

We have been learning to 'Dog Domains' ready for read to write later in the school. This weeks dog is Iggy Inference. Please go through the PowerPoint above. We are learning to answer 'inference' questions. Iggy Inference helps us to do this! See if you can answer some Iggy inference questions about the story 'One Snowy Night'. Some examples may be:

  • Look at the 1st page picture - what clues are there to tell us it is Winter? That Percy doesn’t mind?
  • What kind of person is Percy? How do we know this?
  • When the door knocks again the third time, why do you think Percy says “Oh dear”?
  • Why did Percy tell Fox he had to behave when he didn’t say this to any of the other animals?
  • When the last knock came it says ‘This time Percy had quite a surprise’ Why?
  • How do you know the animals were scared?
  • -Why did the animals not want to come out of their hiding places?


Who knows what a fisherman is? What is their job?

What equipment would they need to catch fish? (boat, rod, nets, bait, other people to help?)

To be a fisherman you would have to work very hard and go out to sea for a long time to catch enough fish to sell, it would be a hard job to do and not everybody would like to do it. Would you?

Some of Jesus' disciples were fishermen. Please read the story of Jesus' first helpers and how he helped Peter, James, John and Andrew to fill; their fishing nets.