St Joseph's Catholic Primary School Reddish



Home Learning – Hensingham Primary School

Thursday 13.1.22



Literacy - Guided Reading and Phonics

We are continuing to practise using our phonic knowledge through our guided reading sessions. This week we have lots of children who are starting new books which is very exciting, and have been practising our CVC word and short caption reading skills.

Practise your blending skills at home by using these games! 


We are still doing lots of practise of our tricky words too! See if you can practise the song, play the game and practise writing your words. 


Today we are listening to the story of Jesus at the Temple. 

Watch the video below to hear the story. 

 Have you ever been lost? How did you feel? How did your parents feel?

See if a grown up could ask you some question about the story.

  • Where did Mary and Joseph take Jesus?
  • Why were they going to Jerusalem?
  • How did Mary and Joseph feel when they could not find him?
  • Where did they find him?


For our activity today, we are going to be writing about how Mary and Joseph felt when Jesus got lost, and then how they felt when they found him. See if you could thinking of some words to describe their feelings.