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 Tuesday 5th January 2021

Hello Everyone,

Home Schooling take two.

Your work for this week is below. From Monday 11th January we will be up and running with Google Classroom and our Google Meet Day will be every Wednesday.

If you haven't already logged on to Google Classroom please make sure you do this today. 

Spellings are below so learn them for Friday. Remember to keep reading and working on your times tables.

Stay safe and take care!

Mrs Roe and Miss Muldoon



Today we are starting our new RE topic - Exploring the Mass.

First we need to complete our pre-learning task to find out what we already know.

In your home learning book please answer the follow questions. At the end of this unit we will answer these questions again to see how much we have learnt.







WALT - complete arithmetic questions

Answer the questions below.





Yesterday you wrote you a news report about New Years Eve in London.

WALT - identify the key features of a news report.

Today you are going to look at the features of news report. Look at the news report below and find these features; picture, caption, headline, statistics, witness statement, opening paragraph, sequential order

Now identify some interesting vocabulary and find the meaning of these words.

Think of a different headline for this news report.




What does my circulatory system do?

Watch this video about the circulatory system.

Now copy this diagram and draw it into your book correctly and label it.


Twist it

Blodwin says the circulatory system only goes to the top half of your body. Are they correct? Explain.

Deepen it 

What might happen to the circulatory system if one of the parts wasn’t functioning properly?

Spellings 4.1.21

Please learn these spellings at home in preparation for the test on Friday.

Spelling Rule: To spell words adding suffixes beginning with vowel letters to words with more than one syllable.

  1. According to experts, you should exercise for an hour every day.
  2. The actor was admired by everyone.
  3. The magnet was attached to the fridge.
  4. George was guilty of committing
  5. There is 24-hour news coverage.
  6. Lisa did not take the criticism
  7. You must be determined to succeed in Year 6.
  8. A large disturbance stopped Paul from sleeping well.
  9. In high school, you must be equipped with everything you need for a lesson.
  10. Gemma was inquiring about the vase she liked.
  11. Helen hired a private investigator.
  12. Multiplying is a crucial mathematical skill.
  13. Aaron wrote a wonderful narrative.
  14. There was a very strange occurrence happening in the village.
  15. Everyone was disgusted by the vandalism.

Rewrite these sentences adding in the correct apostrophes and commas.

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Wednesday 6th January 2021



WALT - know features of an opening paragraph for a newspaper.

News reports have an opening paragraph that give a summary of the main points that the article will be about. They will include Who? Where? When? and What?

Look at this opening paragraph and write Who? What? Where? and When? it is about.

Then write your own opening paragraph about the announcement of the lockdown this week. Remember your headline.





For the next three days, we will be recapping some previous learning before we continue with our work on percentages on Monday via Google Classroom. Today, we are reviewing Place Value. Complete the questions below. The answers are on the second page.



Today it is the Feast of the Epiphany.

Watch this video. In your home learning book write the story of the Epiphany as though you are one of the Three Wise Men. This should be at least a page long. Remember to use the features of writing and punctuation that we have been working on in class. Things to think about - describe the journey, how you felt when you finally saw the baby Jesus, what did Mary and Joseph say to you, why did you choose to bring the gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. 



WALT - understand how Spain celebrate the Feast of the Epiphany.

Research how the Spanish celebrate the Feast of the Epiphany. This website and video will help you.

Write a guide to celebrating the Epiphany in Spain - include some Spanish words if you can.


Thursday 7th January 2021


WALT - identify the effectiveness of newspaper headlines.

Look at a range of newspaper headings. What do they tell you? Which ones use a pun - a play on words, are short and snappy, use alliteration, emotive language. Here are some to start you off.

Choose a headline that you have found - which one do you think is the most effective? Why?


Read this comprehension and answer the questions.




Today, we are reviewing rounding decimals. Complete the questions below and check your answers on the second page.


WALT-to generate ideas by carrying out research

Today you are going to research different mobile phone covers. When we are back in school we will hopefully get to make them as part of our DT topic. Today you need to think about who have they been designed for? What do you likeabout it? Who is it aimed for? Think about who  your design is going to be for. Will it be for yourself or a member of your family? If you are going to design it for someone else then what would they like on the design?

Friday 8th January 2021


WALT - use formal and informal voice

Look at the situations below. Write each one out and say if you would use formal or informal language.



Now look at these situations. They need both formal and informal language at different times. Give examples of who might use the different forms of language and when.

Situation 1 - in school

Situation 2 - on television

Situation 3 - in newspapers



 we are reviewing adding decimals. Complete the questions below and check your answers on the second page.


Remember that today is our spelling test. Test yourself at home and log on to TT Rockstars for times tables.



Today is our PE day. It is really important to keep ourselves fit and healthy at this time. Follow the link and join in the work out.