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In today's lesson you will look at Horizontal and Vertical lines. Go through the video lesson below to familiarise yourself with what they mean.

Once you have completed the video, go through the lesson activity below.

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In Literacy today we will be looking at planning our warm write for our Anglo-Saxon report. Have a think about the different things you want to have in your report. 

Think about: 

  • The success criteria
  • Is it all factual?
  • What shall I talk about in the paragraph?

Use the information you wrote about in your history lesson last week to help you. 

Remember that today's lesson is all about PLANNING the report. We are not writing it just yet. Make sure your plan makes sense to you so you know what you will write in tomorrow's lesson. 


 Now you have planned out the hymns, prayers, readings and vows you will put all of these into an Order of Service booklet. 

I would take 2 A4 pieces of paper and fold them together to make your booklet. 

You will need:

  • A front cover with the title 'Order of Service' and the two people getting married. 'Alex and Laura'
  • The hymns will come next
  • Then followed by the prayers 
  • Then the readings
  • And lastly the vows

Once you have finished these it would be great to see them! Email them over to me at the email at the top of the website. 



In Math's today we will be looking at Lines of Symmetry. Follow the video below and then answer the questions in the file below.

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Today we are going to use the plan we have written last lesson to write our Anglo-Saxon report. 

When writing remember to think about the success criteria which I have put below. 

Success criteria:

Includes a title


Organisational Devices (sub-headings or bullet points)

Formal Language

Topic or technical language based on what we are writing about

Ends with a summary/conclusion


Last week in History we looked at how the Anglo-Saxons changed Britain to what it is today. That was our last lesson on Anglo-Saxons! Next term we will be looking and learning about the Vikings. 

For today's lesson you are going to look at the picture in the document below. I want you to generate questions based on what you see and what you would like to find out. I also want you to write down any observations on the picture that you might have. 

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Here are some ideas on what art you could do?

  • Use natural materials in your garden to make something?
  • Look at your window and draw something you see?
  • Create a marriage picture with 2 people at the altar. 
  • Create a stained glass window behind 2 people getting married. 



You will now use your knowledge of lines of symmetry to compete 2D shapes and patterns. Watch the video below where it shows you how to do this.

Once you have watched it, now try it yourself on the worksheet below. 

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 Once you have written your warm write it is now time to edit and improve. 

Use a different colour pen and go through the success criteria from the lesson above, making changes to your work where needed. 

You also need to think about:

  • Spelling
  • Does my sentence make sense?
  • Capital letters for names, places and start of sentences
  • Is punctuation in the right place?
  • Have I used past tense when talking about the past?


Create a poster about everything that we have learnt over the last few weeks. If you are unsure and can't remember, I have put a list below of what we have learnt. (use the internet to help you if you would like)

  • What are some materials made of?
  • What properties do they have? (soft, hard, bumpy, smooth etc.)
  • Why do they have these specific properties?
  • What are electrical conductors and insulators?
  • What are they made out of?
  • What are thermal conductors and insulators?
  • What materials are good thermal insulators?



This last lesson of the term is for you to decide what you are still struggling on with the Angles and shapes topic. Below I have put a list of the different pieces of work we have done, with a video accompanying each of them for you to try. 

Identify Angles

To recognise acute and obtuse angles-

To identify parallel lines-




Now you have edited and improved your Anglo-Saxon report in a different colour pen, it's time to write it up neatly with all the edits added in. 

Remember to have neat handwriting and all words spelt correctly. You could also write it up on your computer and send it through?



Over the last couple of weeks, we have created an Order of Service booklet for Mr Russell's and his fiancés wedding. It has been important to look at the hymns, prayers, readings and vows. Now we are going to dive a bit deeper by looking at why we have chosen that specific hymn, prayer and reading. 


Your work will be structured by going through each section of your Order of Service and explaining the questions below:

  • Why have you chosen this?
  • Why do we need prayers, hymns or readings?
  • How will it make the happy couple feel?
  • Why did we take it from the bible?