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During the time you need to isolate you will find work on this page.  It is the work we are doing in class so you will not miss your learning.  I will update the page daily with the activities I'd like you to do that school day.  I will be calling you every couple of days to check that you have understood the work and have a general catch up!  

All of your learning will be linked to the current curriculum- it is new learning so you might need to discuss it with a grown up.  Try to keep on top of the activities each day-  I have spoken over the power points, so hopefully these will help your understanding. If you are finding anything tricky we can discuss it when I call.  Good Luck and Keep working Hard!

If you would like to ask any questions or email me some of your work contact me on: 

Thursday 22nd October

Below you will find the maths sheets for today's lessons.  I have also included some fun English colouring sheets.  These are optional however they are good practice to remember the different word classes- Nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs.  There are different levels of sheets- choose one that helps you the most.

 maths 1 answers.pdfDownload
 Maths 2 answers.pdfDownload
 Thursday maths 1.pdfDownload
 Thursday maths 2.pdfDownload
 word class colouring.pdfDownload
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Thursday 22nd October

Wednesday 21st October

 addition wednesday.pdfDownload
 Maths answers.pdfDownload
 x7 starter.docxDownload
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Tuesday 20th October

 Group 1 spellings.docxDownload
 Group 2 Spellings.docxDownload
 Reading questions.docxDownload
 Tuesday Maths sheet- addition of 1,10,100,1000.pdfDownload
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If you were absent from School last Friday we were looking at the importance of Black History Month- In Year 4 our focus is Doreen Lawrence- a women who fought to change society. This week try to look through the powerpoint and complete the activity at the end.