St Joseph's Catholic Primary School Reddish



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There are activities to complete on purple mash, spellings and timestables practice. Please also spend 20 minutes reading at home or a book through Reading Planet.

Maths -- Recapping 4 timestables and applying this to our division facts. Complete the activities on the slides and on the sheet.

 TUES-Divide-by-4 MATHS.pdfDownload
 tue 4x fact families (1).pdfDownload
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English - Grammar 

They're, Their or There

Watch this link and answer the questions'Their'%2C%20'they',going%20to%20hide%20over%20there.%22


Grammar - a and an

Look at the pdf on when to correctly use a or an. Complete the questions and then create your own sentences applying a or an.

 They're there or their.pdfDownload
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Geography - Finding similarities and differences between Ancient & Modern Egypt

Watch and listen to my video

Look at the information on this link about the Aswan Dam. Create a Venn diagram and answer the Twist It and Deepen It questions.