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We miss you at school and hope that you are keeping well. Do as much as you feel able and if you would like to ask any questions or email me some of your work, please contact me at:

21st -23rd July

There are activities to complete on purple mash, spellings and times tables practice. Please also spend 20 minutes reading at home or a book through Reading Planet.

Remember to email your home learning to me!

Maths- Time 

Please watch the video links and answer the questions below

WEDNESDAY Hours & days
THURSDAY Years & months
FRIDAY 24 hour clock
 WED Hours-minutes-and-seconds.pdfDownload
 WED ANSWERS Hours-minutes-and-seconds.pdfDownload
 FRI ANS-24-hour-clock.pdfDownload
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Maths  - EXTRA

Please can you practice your 6 times table. You can use the sheet below or through these websites:

 TT challenge.pdfDownload
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Over the course of the week try to complete one activity each day. Please also practice 8 spellings this week, researching synonyms and antonyms.


Remember to send across a picture of our learning at the end of the week to the class email address.

 Year 4 Spelling List.pdfDownload
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Please select one subject to complete each day from Geography, Science, Art or Life Skills

Geography - human characteristics of Europe

Watch the video and answer the questions along the way. Then, have a go at the reading and the quiz! Good luck!

 geog europe landmarks retrieval reading.pdfDownload
 EUROPE capitals-and-countries-activity-sheet-_ver_1.pdfDownload
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Science - Plastic Pollution

Firstly, look at the photograph and generate some questions. Read the information attached. Choose from designing a poster with facts about plastic pollution in rivers, seas and oceans OR complete the quiz.

 SCIENCE plastic pollution.pdfDownload
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Art - Drawing skills

This week, we are focusing on Edward Hopper. Look at his artwork and give your opinion, spend time noticing what he paints. Have a go at using his style to create your own artwork. Good luck!

Life Skills - Compromise

Watch and listen to the story being read aloud. Then, answer the questions .

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English- spellings (ation) and Reading

Watch this link and answer the questions

 Reading RETRIEVAL ACTIVITY.pdfDownload
 ATION SHEET.pdfDownload
 Activity Sheet Word Search ATION.pdfDownload
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Maths - Symmetry

Please watch the video link and answer the questions below

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