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Please email me any work you have completed at home, I will look forward to seeing what you have achieved!

Throughout the week, please keep practising your spellings daily (you can find the current ones for your group on our class page) and keep your timestables strong by using TT rockstars daily at the website


Tuesday 13th October

Maths - Addition and subtraction of 1s

Today we are moving on to addition and subtraction of 1s.  Have a go at the questions. Keep practising those tables too!


English - Facts and Opinions

Read through the statements and decide whether they are facts or opinions.  Then write 3 facts and 3 opinions about the Iron Age picture.

 Fact and Opinion Sorting Activity.docxDownload
 Iron Age scene Tues Home Learning.docxDownload
 Tues Maths Home Learning.docxDownload
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Click on the links below to find out all about Iron Age hillforts.  After that, try and draw and label your own hillfort using all the information you have read.


Wednesday 14th October 2020


Read the 'Roundhouse for sale' text and answer the questions.

 Wednesday reading - Roundhouse for sale!.docxDownload
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Watch the video on addition, then answer the questions on the Maths worksheet.

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Log in to your purple mash account (please email me if you can't remember your log in details) and go on to the coding section. Remind yourself of the coding you have done so far. 

Go to free code chimp, and go to design mode. See if you can make a turtle and a character perform different actions when clicked.



Thursday 15th October


Watch the video about subtraction and then answer the questions underneath.


Today you will be planning your warm write for your Stone Age report.

Think about what you will include in the introduction, and how you will group the other information into paragraphs! For example, you could have a paragraph on 'Tools' or 'Homes'. 


Watch the video below to remind yourself of the Stone Age cave paintings we have been looking at and exploring in class. Using whatever art equipment you have at home (pencils, crayon, paint, chalk...) please try to recreate a Stone Age style cave painting.



Friday 16th October


Today you need to complete your warm write - an information text on The Stone Age!

Please try to include:

  • main title
  • introductory paragraph
  • subtitles for each following paragraph e.g. 'Homes', 'Food', 'Clothes'
  • glossary

Also, please ask if someone at home can test you on your spellings for this week, which you will find on our class page.



Please log on to TT rock stars and practise your x10 and x5 tables, then ask if someone at home can test you on the tables out of order.

Black History Month

Read the comprehension on Stormzy and complete the attached questions.

 Black History Month home learning.docxDownload
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Monday 19th October 2020


Please complete the sheet on subject-verb agreement, then write 4 sentences of your own.


Please complete the activities, subtracting single digits from 3 digit numbers.


Today we looked at a letter from St Paul, and spoke about how we could use this letter to write to our Reception class, explaining to them how they should behave at school.

Read the letter from St Paul and then write your own letter to the children in Reception.

 Collossians scripture.docxDownload
 st pauls letter frame.docxDownload
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Tuesday 20th October


 Today we explored formal (posh!) and informal (chatty) language linking to information texts. Look at the powerpoint below and see if you can identify which sentences and formal and informal.


Today we have been exploring adding multiples of ten to a number. We looked at which place value column changes if we add a multiple of ten. Have a look at the worksheet and see if you can answer the questions and solve the problems.


Today we have explored the work of a scientist linked to our 'Rocks' topic - Mary Anning!

Watch the video clip below and then fill in the fact file on Mary Anning.

Wednesday/Thursday 21st/22nd October


Look at the plan we came up with as a class for the 'Hot Write' information text, and then please write your report 'From Stone Age to Iron Age.'


Complete the activities on adding and subtracting multiples of 10 to a 3 digit number.

Remember, the tens column will always change! The ones column will never change, and the hundreds column will sometimes change.

Science - Homework for the half term

Next half term we are looking at nutrition in Science. For homework over the half term we would like you to complete a food diary for each day of the holidays which we will look at and talk about in the first week back.