St Joseph's Catholic Primary School Reddish

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Hello to all of our wonderful class members!


We miss you lots and hope that you are all doing okay at home.


Please find below your work for this week (week beginning 4th Jan 2021).

From next week we will be setting work on Google Classroom.


Please send us the work you complete (this week included) to the email address below and

we will take a look and send you some feedback. 



 As well as the three activities set each day (1 English, 1 maths and 1 RE or foundation subject), 

if you can, keep practicing your handwriting, times tables and spellings regularly throughout the week. 


We can't wait to see what you've done!


from Mrs Hooley and Mrs Smithies


Times tables games:

TT rockstars (

Hit the Button (Hit the Button - Quick fire maths practice for 5-11 year olds (



Spellings week beginning 4.1.21

Group 1:                                                                            

wishful           foolishness

beautiful        tidiness

painful            happiness

successful      kindness            


Group 2

unhappy         disappear

unlucky          disobey

unzip             disorder

unusual          dislike


Below is a model timetable for how you could set out your day of home learning:

9.00am - 10.00am: Morning session 1

English lesson


10.30am - 11.30am - Morning session 2

Maths lesson

11.30am - 12.00pm

Quiet reading independently or with an adult/sibling


1.00pm - 3.00pm

Afternoon activity

Spelling practice

Times tables practice.

Step aside Joe Wickes, and make way for Mr Waldron!

Mr Waldron is posting a daily exercise challenge on the school's Twitter account for you to join in with. Check it out and have a go to help keep yourself fit and healthy.

Daily Prayer

Join in a daily Gospel reflection at:

Tuesday 5th January


Watch the video on multiplication as repeated addition of equal groups. Pause the video when you are asked, and complete the questions in your home learning books.

Aut3.9.2 - Multiplication using the symbol on Vimeo


Read the myth and try to find the features – you can highlight them on the screen and save it.

Features of a myth:

  • Gods teaching us a lesson
  • Moral – lesson to be learnt
  • Mythical creatures
  • Gods or goddesses
  • Set in Ancient Greece
  • Good vs evil characters


Making the right choices – watch the video about the choices the Minions make!

Think of a time when you have had to make a choice in school – was it difficult to make the right choice? Did you make the right choice? What happens if you make the wrong choice? Write a description in your book of what happened and what choice you made

Wednesday 6th January


Watch the video on arrays. Complete the questions in your home learning book as you go along.

If you feel like an extra challenge, here are some reasoning and problem solving questions using arrays.


Commas in a list activity below.

Commas should be used to separate items in a list. The only items in a list which we do not separate with a comma are the last two items for which we use 'and' as the separator instead. 

Have a go at the sheet below, writing the sentences in your Home Learning book. Remember to use your best, neatest handwriting. 


Below is some information all about Andy Warhol, a famous artist. Read through the slides, learning about his work and successes. Choose the piece of his work that you like the best and see if you can create a copy of it. Write underneath about why you chose this picture and what it is you like about it. 

Thursday 7th January


Today’s maths is on multiplying by 3. Please start by watching the video below. Be ready to stop and start it along with the instructions to allow you time to have a go at some questions. It will refer to the first worksheet below.

Aut3.11.1 - Multiply by 3 on Vimeo

If you would like the challenge of further activities, the sheet below contains your fluency and problem-solving tasks.


Today's English lesson will be joined with RE. Yesterday was the feast of the Epiphany. Please read through the PowerPoint below to learn about it. Then use the document below the PowerPoint to see the sentences you need to write.


Our new topic for science this half term is Light. First of all, can you write in your Home Learning books at least four things you already know about light. For instance, what is it, what does it do, where can you find it, why is it useful? Then (and only then – no cheating!) you can look at the picture clues on the knowledge organiser below and also read through the keywords and their definitions. Finally, now that you have an idea of what we will be learning about, can you write three things you would like to find out about light. What do you wonder? What do you not know that you want to know?

Friday 8th June


Today will be on dividing by 3.

Just like yesterday, there is a video for you to pause and play as you please then the linked questions  in the first document below. The second document contains your fluency, reasoning and problem-solving tasks.

Aut3.11.2 - Divide by 3 on Vimeo



The sheet below asks you to do some more work on commas in a list. It is a little more complicated than the previous tasks set this week in that there are more than just single words to each item in the list. So your sentences will look more like this, for example...

Mrs Hooley enjoys eating chocolate, playing Uno with Oliver, painting pictures and going on holiday.

(I realise the questions start at Q7 - this isn't a mistake!)

If you want an extension task, perhaps you could tell me lists of things that your favourite TV characters like to do.

E.g. Spiderman likes to swing from buildings, climb walls, save people and wear a strange costume!


Online lesson – 3 Little Birds Step 1

We use Charanga (online) for our music lessons in school. While learning from home, our music lessons will be set through Charanga’s pupil area called Yumu. To access this, use the link and login details below. It will say on the main page that your teacher is Miss Marshall. Don’t worry about this – Miss Marshall is our music subject leader so it will say this for every pupil in our school. If you click on ‘Assignments’ it will take you to this week’s music lesson entitled 3 Little Birds Step 1. Use the menu on the right hand side of the screen and the controls at the bottom of the screen to go through the different activities. Enjoy!

 Login – Charanga Direct

Username – 3SS

Password - music