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Feel free to email me any work that you do while you are at home!


Home Learning for Monday 19th October 2020

Maths - Subtraction of 1s from a 3 digit number 

Have a go at the Maths questions below.  You can also practise your times tables at


The weekly spellings and time tables are also attached. 

 Spellings & TT 19.10.20 Gp 1.docxDownload
 Subtraction worksheet.pdfDownload
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Use your plan from last week to write your Warm Write report all about the Stone Age.  If you wnat to email it to me so I can have a look then please feel free!


In class today, the children were making posters showing everything they know about Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age.  Maybe you could have a go at making one too - impress me with your knowledge!!


Tuesday 20th October

Maths - Addition and subtraction of 10s

Today we are moving on to addition and subtraction of 10s.  Have a go at the questions. Keep practising those tables too!


English - Formal and Informal Language

Have a look at the powerpoint and answer the quiz questions. Then try to rewrite the sentences on the final 2 slides. 


If you have some paints, use some watered down browns, oranges and reds to paint a pale background.  When it is dry, sketch some animals on to the background in the style of stone age cave art.  There are some examples to help you here -



 Ask someone at home to tell you about your Baptism.  Do you have any photos?  Who are your god parents?  Do you still have your candle?

Wednesday 21st October

English  - re-read the 'Roundhouse For Sale' leaflet. Complete the Vocab 1 and 2 activities.  

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Maths  (Wednesday and Thursday)

Go through the slides about subtracting tens then try the questions. 

Do one page on Wednesday and one on Thursday.



Think again about Baptism.  Have a look at the attached powerpoint and then draw the different symbols and write a sentence about them - the candle, the water, the Bible and the oil. 

Thursday 22nd  October


Today is Hot Write day!  A tricky one but have a go!.

This report has to be about Stone Age, Bronze  Age AND Iron Age!  Think about what to include in each section about each time period.  Try and remember what we have covered in class and you could also do some research if you can.  Just do your best - nearly there!!


Watch the video about how soil is made

Then have a go at completing the worksheet.