St Joseph's Catholic Primary School Reddish

Happy Friday! Enjoy the story.

Our focus text: Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers

From Monday all of our remote learning will move to Google Classroom. If you have not signed up please do so ASAP. Please contact your child's teacher if you need the information to set your account up. 

Friday 8th January 2021

Good morning children. We hope that you are all keeping well and finding lots to do to keep you busy. We miss having you in school and hope that you are enjoying the learning activities that we are setting for you. For today we would like you to complete a phonics, english and maths activity. We have also added a lovely art activity which is optional. 


Phonics Play is a very useful website which is full of games to support children's phonic development. It is usually a subscription website but during lockdown they are supporting home learning and providing free access to the site. You can log on with the following details

username: jan21

password: home

Below you will find a video for todays phonics. As this is a video and not a PowerPoint the children will have to tell you the objects for each sound instead of clicking on them. It moves quite fast through the video slides so once you come to the activity you will need to pause at each page. 


Watch the video below and have a go at labelling the clothes you need to wear in winter. As a challenge I would like you to write some captions telling us what you need to wear in winter. Start each one with I need a ..... For example 'I need a hat.' 'I need mittens.'


Repeating patterns. Watch the video below on repeating patterns and complete the activity Mrs Edwards sets at the end. 

Home Learning Thursday 7th January 2021

Good morning Reception classes!

Please find below some activities to complete today. You can post any photos or return work by using the class email address or using your child’s Tapestry account.

Our focus for the next two weeks is Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers. Watch and listen to the story following the link-



Please see the suitcase worksheet below.

Today, imagine that you are going on a journey like the penguin and the boy in the story. What would you pack in a suitcase for that journey? What things might you need for a journey to the South Pole?

Either print and use the worksheet below or draw your own picture of a suitcase and draw the items that you would take inside it. Write labels for each of the items. Use your phonics to sound out the words if you can.


Please see the ‘say it, join it, write it’ worksheet below.

Either print and complete this sheet or sound out the words using the sheet and write them down on paper.


Practise counting from 0-20 and then from 20-0.

Please look at or print the Winter Counting sheets below. Count and write down the answers if you cannot print the sheet.

Topic- UTW.

Please watch the Penguin Powerpoint below to find out facts about penguins.

Can you choose one type of penguin and draw and colour it. Write a fact or a few facts about it underneath. Use phonics to sound out your words.


Please see below a video PPT of the Epiphany and some ideas of Art/Craft activities you can complete linked to this. When you watch the video you will need to pause it on each new slide to read it to the children. We look forard to seeing your creations.


Have fun with your learning!

Take care and stay safe,

The Reception team.

Home Learning - Wednesday 6th January 2021

Please find below some activities to complete today. You can post any photos of your child completing the work on their Tapestry account.

Our focus text for the next two weeks is Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers. This is a lovely story about friendship. Click on the link below to listen to the story.


The main characters in our story are a boy and a penguin. On Monday we talked a little bit about penguins and their physical features. We discussed their webbed feet, flippers, beaks, white tummies and black backs.

Have a look at some photos of penguins. Can you draw a picture of a penguin? Use your phonics knowledge to label the penguin’s physical features. Can you name your penguin and write his name?


Please see the Winter Words PPT below

Mr Snowman has tried to write some winter words. Can you say each phoneme, then blend the sounds to read the word? Try writing the words you have read.


In our story the boy wears a red and white stripped jumper and the penguin has an orange and yellow umbrella. These are both 2 colour repeating patterns. Can you find any items with repeating patterns on them in your house? Can you create your own repeating pattern using everyday objects in your house?

Topic – Understanding the World

In our story the little boy and the penguin have to travel across water so select a rowboat for their journey. What is a rowboat and how does it work? (sing row, row, row your boat with actions) Have you ever been in a rowboat? Do you think the rowboat is a good boat for their journey? Towards the end of our story the penguin uses his umbrella as a boat. Do you think this is a good boat? What makes it a good boat for the penguin?

Imagine you had a small hamster-sized penguin living in your house and you have to make him a boat to float in the sink/bath in. What items in your house could you use to make the boat? Make a boat for your imaginary penguin and test it out in the sink or the bath. (Adults to supervise children at all times when playing with water). Use the questions below to evaluate your boat:

  •  Does your boat float?
  •  Does your boat get soggy?
  •  Does the water get into your boat?
  •  Is your boat decorated nicely?
  •  How does your boat move through the water?
  •  Would you like to go on a journey in your boat if it was human size?


 Tuesday 5th January 2021

Please find below some activities to complete today. You can return any work set by using the class email address or by using your child's Tapestry account. 


Our focus text for the next two weeks is Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers. This is a lovely story about friendship. Click on the link below to listen to the story.  -Lost and Found

Lost and found -  We found a penguin in our classroom on Monday. He was frozen in the ice and had a sign that said “I’m lost!” Can you draw a map that might help the penguin to get back home to the South Pole. What do you think he might pass by on his journey.



Please see the Snowflakes Phonics PPT below

Phonics – Winter Snowflake missing phonemes – complete. Can you have a go at trying to write some of the words from the powerpoint? Can you use your phonic knowledge to write some other winter words.




Please see the Positional language PPT below

Maths - This week in we are going to use the story Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers. This week we are focusing on positional language. The children were introduced to this on Monday and worked in groups to put their penguins in different positions and also give their friends instructions using positional language. Take a look at the different places where penguin is in the pictures. Can you tell a grown up where he is Why not get your favourite toy and put it in different places such as under, in-between, beside etc.



Please see the Winter PPT below

Winter PPT - Literacy main- please look through the information in the PPT that looks at how humans and animals adapt in winter.

How do you dress for a cold winters day? Think about why you might need to wear your coat/ wellies etc. Send us a video to share your ideas.


 We hope that you stay safe and well.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Take care,

Miss Zeal & Miss Bridge


Please post any work to your tapestry account or use the following email address to get in contact regarding school work: