St Joseph's Catholic Primary School Reddish


Home Learning – Hensingham Primary School

Tuesday 18.1.22


This week we beginning to explore mass and capacity.


Today we are going to be exploring the vocabulary of capacity.

We're learning vocabulary like: full, empty, nearly empty, nearly full.

See if you could experiment with capacity at home! 

Literacy - Guided Reading and Phonics

We are continuing to practise using our phonic knowledge through our guided reading sessions. 

Practise your blending skills at home by using these games! 


Our new phonics sounds are: 'oo' and 'oo'. We are learning that this digraph makes 2 sounds! 


We have been learning about when Jesus was a little boy – but when he grew up to be an adult he decided to leave his home and go to teach people. He wanted people to know about God and how to be good people.

He wanted everyone to know how to live good lives, but he was only 1 man on his own – do you think he could tell everybody about God all on his own? NO! At first not many people knew who Jesus, and it would take him a very long time to let everyone in the World know that he was the Son of God. What do you think Jesus needed to do to get his message about God spread to everyone?

He needed some helpers! He would have to find some people who would be able to go out into the World and share God’s stories for him. This is the story of Jesus’ first ever helpers – his disciples. Watch from 1.10 to hear the story we are sharing at school today.