St Joseph's Catholic Primary School Reddish

Early Years




At this time, Ten Ten are offering free prayer resources for us to use at home. Here you will find daily prayers.


Ten Ten also have 15 prayers for the current school closures; these range from a prayer at bedtime to a prayer for those who are ill.


Reading of any kind is fantastic and is a wonderful way to enjoy this time together. Here is a reading game for the children to get stuck into. The computer version is free, however if you choose to download the app, it is currently 99p.

Crickweb is a website with a range of games to support children with their learning in a variety of areas. Key games are recommended below.

Basic Number Recognition focuses on numeral recognition and quantities.

Level 1 and 2 allows the children to hear a number, and then move the appropriate number of sticks from the box on the left to the box on the right, and click on the number. Level 3, 4 and 5 focus only on number recognition. Can you complete level 5?

Initial sounds is a game where children see the letter, and click on the picture that starts with that sound. The option to hear the instruction and the words is there to help. Can you complete level 5?

Physical development/exercise

Currently, Joe Wicks is becoming 'the nation's P.E. teacher' and is offering a half hour home workout video for children around the world. These are live Monday-Friday at 9am on his YouTube channel (link below), however these are then saved and accessible at different times of the day.

Home Project

Can you create a rainbow and display it in the window? This can be done in any way you like and it will help to cheer people up who are walking past your home. How many rainbows can you spot on your walk? 

Please email us (look at the top of the page for email addresses) with photos of your rainbows!

Home learning 20th March 2020 


Whilst at home we encourage you to read with your child daily, any book is great! If you would like some free eBooks please use the link below


Online Learning

Phonics Play is a website that is used to support children in learning to read by developing their skills in phonics. Currently, the website have offered their services for free to parents. The login is as follows:


username: march20

password: home

Nursery: Please look at the Phase 1 tab on the left and play these games with your child.

Reception: Please look at the Phase 2 tab on the left and play these games with your child.

Ladybird Spots is a maths game where your child can explore counting, matching or ordering.


Nursery: Please focus on counting/matching 1 to 5. 

Reception: All games are appropriate for this age group.

Teddy Numbers is a maths game to support counting up to 15.


Nursery: Please focus on numbers up to 5.

Reception: Please focus on numbers up to 15 (for more challenge, see below).

Mental Maths Train can be used by Reception children to consolidate work on addition (+) and subtraction (-). 


Reception: Please focus on either addition (+) or subtraction (-) and then choose the game 'up to 10'. Your child may want objects (such as toys) to help them work out the answers.

Home Project

Our current topic is The Hungry Caterpillar/Things With Wings. Can you make a model with wings or some wings that you can wear?