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Early Years

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Nursery and Reception

If you click on the link below you will find a range of fiction and non-fiction books, which can either be read by the child, a family member or you can click the speaker for the story to be read to you.

Oxford Owl is a free website which has a wonderful amount of learning opportunities. This link below leads you to a full range of ebooks for either the children to read, an adult to read to the child or there is a play button which allows the book to be read to you (this may help once the child has already read the page to improve comprehension).

There are also some great maths activities on this website via the link below.


The books below have been added to the Oxford Owl library and are about the current situation. Everybody Worries is more appropriate for our age group, however some Reception children may be interested in Winnie and Wilbur Stay at Home.

Phonics Play is a website that is used to support children in learning to read by developing their skills in phonics. Currently, the website have offered their services for free to parents. The login is as follows:


username: march20

password: home

Nursery: Please look at the Phase 1 tab on the left and play these games.

Reception: Please look at the Phase 2 tab on the left and play these games.

There is a new website for the same company which allows access on mobiles and tablets.


Here is a link to an assembly based on this week's Gospel message.

Please continue with your daily prayers.

Ten Ten also have 15 prayers for the current school closures; these range from a prayer at bedtime to a prayer for those who are ill.

Below is the link for the Sunday liturgy.


May is the month of Mary.  Take time to remember and pray to her. There are some activities and information below.
 Mary Colouring.pdfDownload
 Mary our Mother Colouring.pdfDownload
 May Altar Prayer Box.pdfDownload
 May is the Month of Mary.pptDownload
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Competition - Spirited Arts                                                    

St Joseph's are launching the 'Spirited Arts' competition during May.  This is a nationwide competition for all age groups to express their faith through art, music, drama, poetry, dance or whatever else you can think of!  All ages can enter and the best 10 will be chosen to represent our school.  We can't wait to see your amazing entries!
Please see the Religion page on our website for more information. 




Practise writing your name and your surname too if you can.

Write a short diary this week showing a picture of something that you enjoyed doing every day. Add a sentence.


Count to 10 in order and practise writing the numbers 0-10 in order.

Choose a number between 1 and 10. Jump/hop/clap that number of times. Repeat with other numbers.

Say the days of the week in order.

There are lots of Maths games that we use in Nursery on Topmarks - enjoy! 

Make number puzzles like this one - use any shape that you like.


Make a sculpture using items from nature found in your garden or in the park. Andy Goldsworthy is a famous artist who does this.

Physical Development

Try yoga using Cosmic Kids.



Below is the Naughty Bus story for you to refer to. 

The tow truck has broken down! How else can we save Naughty Bus from the water?

Can you create your own license plate?

Can you create a missing poster for Naughty Bus?

Can you think of other words to describe Naughty Bus?

Naughty Bus has a new friend, the Naughty Train! Can you draw a picture and write about the naughtiest thing the train will do?

 Broken Tow Truck.docxDownload
 License Plate.docxDownload
 Missing Poster.docxDownload
 Naughty Bus Description.docxDownload
 Naughty Train.docxDownload
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Phonics games

Match cards - Read the word on the card at the top, and drag the picture that matches it to the word. How many can you answer correctly?


Fishing bowl - Do you get the letters b, d and p mixed up?  Try this sorting game!

Road Safety

Naughty Bus reminds us that we must keep safe on the roads. Below are a few activities for you to visit. 


Watch this video and sing along to the road safety songs.

Watch this road safety video.

Be Bright, Be Seen game - can you choose the best outfit for Bobby Badger to wear so he can be seen on the roads?


This week we are recapping 1 less than, and improving our addition and subtraction skills. 

 1 Less Than Caterpillars.docxDownload
 Addition True or False.docxDownload
 Pirate Addition.pdfDownload
 Subtraction True or False.docxDownload
 Teddies Addition.pdfDownload
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Addition to 10

Read the number sentence at the top. The numbers represent the animals in the boxes. How many animals are there altogether? Choose the correct number.

Subtraction within 10

Read the number sentence at the top. The first number represents the amount of animals in the box. Then it asks you to take a number of animals away (you could do this by covering this many animals on the screen with a piece of paper or your hand). How many animals are left?

Physical Development

Can you join in with the Wheels on the Bus dance?

Can you jump, shake and shimmy the sillies out? 


Collect sticks, leaves etc. from your garden or on a walk. Can you make a picture with them?