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Thursday 27th January


Hopefully you are nearing the end of isolation! We are looking forward to welcoming you back in school.   Today, can you complete:

1- Maths (Reflection) lesson and worksheet - Can you also keep practising your times tables. (Hit the button or TT rockstars)

Link for the lesson- 

I've also included the answers from yesterday's mammoth maths sessions for you to check! 

2- English- Cracking comprehension- We are aiming to get top marks in any comprehensions now so check through each answer carefully.

3- SPAG- complete the SPAG test and mark to see any areas you need to check up on - if you are unsure of specific elements use BBC bitesize to refresh your memory.

4- Thursday is our PE day so if you are feeling well enough try to complete some exercise.

Any questions just email our class email address!



Maths (and answers from yesterday)

 first quadrant answers.pdfDownload
 Four quadrants answers.pdfDownload
 Thursday maths- reflections.pdfDownload
 Translation answers.pdfDownload
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Thursday English

 Thursday reading answers.pdfDownload
 Thursday reading questions.pdfDownload
 Thursday reading text.pdfDownload
 Year 6 English Grammar and Punctuation Test 3.pdfDownload
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Wednesday 26th January

Good morning- Hopefully you are feeling OK and we will see you back in school soon!

Today we are having a maths morning- looking at co-ordinates and translation.  Watch the lesson videos and complete the worksheets.

Lesson 1- 

Lesson 2- 

Lesson 3- 

For Geography we are carrying on with our exploration of Trafford and land use over time.  Follow the powerpoint- in class we are creating a survey and to carry out, you will find this tricky! Just create the survey and we can share the data when you are back in.

See you soon


Wednesday maths work

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Tuesday 25th January

Good morning- We hope hope you are feeling well and getting on with your work.  If you need any help just email me; 


Maths- Follow the link and complete the worksheet for multiplying fractions.  

 - Next, follow the link to look at dividing fractions - complete the sheet.


English- Read chapter 5 of 'No turning back'- complete the domain questions. Follow the powerpoint from yesterday- complete ch 5 and the questions and move onto the PEE paragraph work (Extended answers)

Science- Pulse- Look at the powerpoint for the next lesson- complete the do it- twist it- deepen it (For the Do it we will be working in groups- can you get your family to complete the activity with you to give you a set of data? (Only if everyone is well enough)

         Science link- 

Tuesday maths

 Tuesday - dividing fractions.pdfDownload
 Tuesday dividing fractions answers.pdfDownload
 Tuesday multiplying fractions answers.pdfDownload
 Tuesday- multiplying fractions.pdfDownload
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Monday 24th January

Good morning- I hope you are feeling well.

For today, if you are well enough, complete the following:

English- Write paragraph 4- Vusi takes Sipho's money.

          - Follow the link for Passive voice 

          - complete the sentences changing form active voice to passive voice.

Maths- Multiplying fractions - follow the link and watch the lesson- 

        - complete the worksheet.

 Geography- Follow the powerpoint for Geography- complete lesson 3

Monday Maths

 Multiplying fractions by integers.pdfDownload
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 Geography Trafford lesson 3.pptmDownload
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Friday 21st January

Good morning,

I'm sorry that you are having to isolate! If you are feeling well try to complete the work below. 

1- English reading- read chapter 4 - Summarise the chapter- think about your types of sentences and how your ideas in paragraphs link.

2- English writing- Plan to write the next paragraph based on ch4 - concentrate on Vusi taking Sipho's money- focus on emotions and creating a character description through show, not tell. Remember you can add different details. Include:

Passive voice/ Start a sentence with a sub-ordinate clause/ Parenthesis

3- Maths- complete the reasoning paper. (Use the answers at the end to mark your work- go through any corrections to see if you can identify where any mistakes were made.)

4- RE- IN class we have looked at what the 'New covenant' Jesus made with us was.  Can you research what the new covenant is and write a few notes to share back in class.


Any questions just email me on 

Take care

Mrs Montgomery & Miss Ryan

Maths reasoning paper

 Friday home learning.pdfDownload
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Thursday 12th January

Good morning- here is the work for today.

Maths- Ordering fractions - complete the worksheet (It is revision of work we have completed in class)

English- Look at the cover of our new class text 'No turning back'- think about the clues on the cover- write sentences to show:

1- What you can see

2- What you can infer (What you think it is about)

3- What you wonder.

Spellings- I have put on a few spelling sheets, try to complete 2 sheets each day.

TT ROCKSTARS- spend 20 minutes on TT rockstars

Reading- Try to spend some time each day reading

 Correct the spellings.pdfDownload
 Thursday - ordering fractions.pdfDownload
 Thursday English.odtDownload
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Wednesday 11th January

We hope you are feeling OK.   Today we would like you to complete the maths worksheet- watch the video- pause to complete the activities.

Try to complete some times tables practise.

English- Complete the sentence work- complex sentences

Geography- follow the power point and complete the Do it, Twist it, Deepen it

If you do not have a book - complete on paper- remember to bring all work into class when you return.

Wednesday 12th January

 Completing Sentences by Writing Subordinate Clauses.pdfDownload
 Geography Trafford lesson 1.pptmDownload
 Wednesday maths.pdfDownload
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wc 10th January 

Here is the work for today- Try to complete the Arithmetic over Monday and Tuesday.

For English watch the powerpoint and complete the work on complex sentences.


 English worksheet- complex sentences.pdfDownload
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HAPPY NEW YEAR!  We are sorry that you are having to isolate and we hope to see you back in school soon.

If you are well enough to complete work -we have attached activities below for you to complete- Bring in any work when you return to school.

1- Arithmetic test (Have a go at as many as possible and bring into school when you return)

2. Yesterday was the feast of the Epiphany- when the Magi (Three wise men) gave gifts to the new born king.  Watch the video Epiphany/The Wise Men Bible story for kids read aloud - Bing video 

Write a diary from the point of view of one of the Wise men.  Include all the parts of the story including how you feel throughout the journey.

3. Art- Design a poster celebrating the feast of the Epiphany. Use the images below for inspiration.

If you need to contact us use the class page 

Arithmetic paper- Friday 7th January

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WC 08.11.21

Good morning- We are sorry that you are having to isolate, we hope that you and your families are all feeling well. 

If you are feeling OK the work is below.  Record onto paper if you do not have a book and bring your work into school when you return. Try to complete the daily activities as these are the lessons covered in class each day. Any worries or questions please email me on our class email

Keep smiling.

Mrs Montgomery and Mrs Roe

Timetable- Monday 8th November

Arithmetic - TT rockstars 15 mins

Maths- Squared and cubed numbers- follow the lesson and complete the worksheet 

English- Read pages 110-115 and complete the questions.

            For writing we are writing paragraph 4 for the diary entry from the Point of view of Olive (If you were isolating you may have already completed this- if so can you edit and improve paragraphs 1-4) 

History- Lesson 1 Manchester Blitz- Follow the Powerpoint and read the facts cards- complete the Do it/ Twist it/ Deepen it

Enjoy your day


English resources

 English week 1 - Diary writing.odpDownload
 Letters from the lighthouse- pg110-115.odtDownload
 Monday reading pg110-115.odtDownload
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History resources

 History Lessons 1 & 2- Manchester Blitz.odpDownload
 Lesson 1- Manchester blitz to order.odtDownload
 Lesson 1- what was the Blitz- QQT.odtDownload
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Friday 05.11.21

Arithmetic- TT rockstars 15 minutes

Maths- Arithmetic test- give yourself 30 mins to complete as many questions as you can.  Bring the paper into school so we can update our weekly scores.

RE- Friday is our RE day so the bulk of your learning is in this lesson.  Work through the powerpoint- there is a link to a web page which looks at the problems caused by mining in the country of Honduras.  It is our first lesson on Justice- try to complete the Do it / Twist it / Deepen it!/ Scripture parts of the lesson.

Bonfire night- as a bit of fun can you create your own art work/ poem/ poster for Bonfire night? (This is optional)

Bring your work in to school next week when we are all out of isolation!! Whoop! Whoop!


 RE Justice Lesson 1.pptxDownload
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Ideas for Bonfire art

Thursday 04.11.21


Arithmetic- TT rockstars

Maths- Prime numbers- follow the lesson complete the worksheet.

English- Read the Diary extract and answer the comprehension questions

            Writing- Paragraph 4 of Olive's diary (Follow the instructions on the Powerpoint)

Grammar- Complete the grammar focus on the English Powerpoint.

Remember to enjoy some time lost in a book!

 Day 4 comprehension - Diary extract.pdfDownload
 English week 1 - Diary writing.odpDownload
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Wednesday 03.11.21


Arithmetic- TT rockstars

Maths- Common Multiples - Watch the teaching video and complete the worksheet. 

English- Reading- Pages 104-109 Complete True/False sheet- (Remember to use quotes/evidence from the text to support your answers)

Writing- Write paragraph 3 for your diary (Follow the rules on the Powerpoint)

RE- Check in task- Complete the RE check in task- remember this will not be detailed as we have yet to learn about it! Just record your initial thoughts.

Remembrance day- Watch the Remembrance video- Answer the questions on the slide.  Create art work (Your choice) to commemorate Remembrance day (Bring these into school when you return for display on the altar) 

Try to read a book of your choice each day.

Have a good day!

Wednesday 3rd November

 Checking in task - Justice.pubDownload
 English week 1 - Diary writing.odpDownload
 Letters from the lighthouse - pg104-109.odtDownload
 Walls have ears- Wednesday reading.odtDownload
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Art- Remembrance day (Ideas)

For Maths we are continuing to explore division.  For Monday's lesson we will recap short division.  For Tuesday's lesson we will continue to practice using factors when dividing by 2 digit numbers. (We have looked at both of these methods just before the holidays) Watch the teaching video and complete the worksheets.


Tuesday - 

In English we are continuing with our text 'Letters' from the Lighthouse'.  

Monday- Read pages 93-97 (You will find the text below)  and answer the questions.

Tuesday- pg98- pg103

Our writing focus this week is Diary writing.  I have included the powerpoint- In class we will be writing one paragraph a day to build up our writing - try to do this whilst at home- editing as you go through.  (DO not work through the powerpoint in one session- I will refer you back to it throughout the week)- Just write paragraph 1 and 2 to begin with.


 English week 1 - Diary writing.odpDownload
 Letters from the lighthouse- pg98-104.odtDownload
 Reading pg93-97.odtDownload
 Reading pg98- 103.odtDownload
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Monday marked the feast of All Saints - we remember all those saints in heaven and we think about the lives they led.

Each class has selected Saints to focus on - in Year 6 we have Saints Peter and Paul and also a modern day saint - Chiara Badano.  Can you research her and create a fact file

RE- The feast of All Saints

Tuesday- Multifaith week-

This week in school we are exploring other faiths.  In Year 6 we are looking at Judaism.  What do you already know? What can you find our about Judaism?

Create a poster showing your understanding.  Include:

Main beliefs


Holy Book














Wednesday 13th October

Good morning- Here is today's timetable.  Keep working hard and remember to bring all of your work in for marking.

Arithmetic- TT Rockstars

Maths- Dividing with remainders- Follow the video link and complete the sheet.


English- Read pages 89-92 and answer the questions

Writing- Using the facts about Winston Churchill write the introduction and first paragraph (Early life) of the Biography. (Follow PP - only write Intro and Early life


History- Black History Month.  Follow the link to watch the Video on 'Claudette Colvin' - follow the PP for more information. Then can you complete a fact file poster (Information and images) about Claudette Colvin.

Enjoy your day

We hope to see you in class tomorrow!

Mrs M




Wednesday 13th October

 Aut6.5.2 - Divide with remainders on Vimeo.htmlDownload
 Copy of claudette-colvin-biographical-powerpoint-us-ss-6.pptxDownload
 Reading Tuesday and Wednesday.odtDownload
 Wednesday division with remainders.pdfDownload
 Winston Churchill Biogrpahy PP.pptxDownload
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 Letters from the lighthouse 86-89.odtDownload
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Tuesday 12th October

Good morning- I hope you are ok and you are getting through your home learning.

Today's timetable is:

Arithmetic- 10 mins TT rockstars

Maths- Follow the link for the maths lesson- today we are dividing 4 digit numbers by 1.  Complete the worksheet.


English-  Reading- I've attached the pages for you to read.  Read pages 86-89 - Answer the comprehension questions.

Writing- Cut up the fact cards about Winston Churchill (And use your research from yesterday)- order them into sections eg Early life/ World war II etc.


Afternoon- History- Work through the Powerpoint leading on from our last lesson.  Read the fact cards and find out about Nato/WHO/ UN and the work they do.  Order the events and write as a timeline.

2- Twist it- think about how life wouldn't have gone back to normal straight after the war.

3- Write a peace manifesto for our world.



Stick the facts together and create sub-titles for each group.

Bring your work into school after you have isolated and I will mark and give feedback. (Alternatively you can send it to me via the email link below)

Monday 11th October:

Arithmetic- 10 mins TT rockstars

              - Complete the arithmetic test.  (Do your best- any really tricky ones, leave and we will go through them in class)

Maths- Follow the video link below- you will be following on from the last maths lesson multiplying 4 digits by 2 digits.

After the video lesson complete the sheet.


English- Read the Biography of Ann Frank and answer the comprehension questions.

          - Look through the Powerpoint of what a Biography is - List all the features of a Biography

          - Research Winston Churchill and collect facts about his life and achievements. (Make notes in bullet points)

Try to read for 20 minutes


Art-  This year we have blocked our Art - we are looking at the artist Paul Nash.  Look through the teaching powerpoint (Follow the links to find out about the artist and Surrealism) and create a poster on Paul Nash including his name, key dates, and draw your own version of his famous painting 'Battle of Britain'

Art- Lesson 2- Continue to look through the PP - recap what sculpture is.  We are going to be creating our own sculpture of a Spitfire- Can you sketch a picture of a Spitfire.

Enjoy your lessons-  (Any sheets will be below)

Any problems contact school or email me on 

Keep smiling.

Mrs M 


Tuesday 11th October

 Aut6.5.1 - Divide 4-digits by 1-digit on Vimeo.htmlDownload
 History week 7.odpDownload
 Tuesday divide sheet.pdfDownload
 Tuesday reading questions.odtDownload
 Winston Churchill facts to order.odtDownload
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 Art unit.odpDownload
 Aut6.4.5 - Multiply up to a 4-digit number by a 2-digit number on Vimeo.htmlDownload
 Eng Lesson 1- Ann Frank biography.pdfDownload
 Sheet 1 multiplication.pdfDownload
 What is a biography Eng lesson 1.pptxDownload
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