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I am sorry to hear that you are unwell, I hope that you start to feel well soon.

A suggested timetable is to complete; 1 Maths & English activity per day and then another subject such as RE, History, Science etc. You can bring in your home learning when you return to school or send a photograph to

This is the email to use if you have any questions. Try to continue reading daily at home.

Take care,

Miss Gleeson


w/c 14th March 2022


Maths - In maths today, we're adding and subtracting fractions . We may need to find the common denominator to add fractions. 

Watch the videos and complete the activities. The answers are there so you can check your own learning. 

There's also TT Rockstars to sharpen up on your multiplication facts which link to fractions 


Lesson 1 - Add fractions

Lesson 2 - Adding 3 or more fractions

Lesson 3 - Converting fractions

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English - poetry and features of poetry

We are looking at similes and metaphors within poems. Read the slides and complete the activities.

There's a reading comprehension linked to Lent to also complete. Please read your book at home too!


 ENGLISH Similes HL.pdfDownload
 ENGLISH metaphors HL.pdfDownload
 ENGLISH find similes and rhyme HL.pdfDownload
 ENGLISH ACTIVITY SHEET Similes And Metaphors.pdfDownload
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RE - Over the course of the unit so far we have looked at reconciliation and why it is important to forgive each other. Today, we are looking at sin. We focus on the original sin committed by Adam & Eve and we look at managing our own sins in order to be forgiven. 

RE video


History - Enslaved people and their journey

Read the slides and complete the tasks


Science - Day & Night

Read the slides and complete the tasks

These videos will support your learning:


Art - Mother's Day Craft

Have a look at the ideas and remember to make an inspirational women in your life a card to say thank you

 4-sin HL.pdfDownload
 Lesson 3 (How were slaves captured and what was life like during transportation for slaves passing through Liverpool) HL.pdfDownload
 Mothers Day Activities.pdfDownload
 Science Day & Night HL.pdfDownload
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Previous learning

Maths - Fractions


Complete the sheet recapping our learning from this week on comparing and ordering fractions (do as much as you are able to)


Please also log into TT Rockstars, you will need quick recall of your multiplication facts to help you with your fractions.


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English - Newspaper Reports

Read the slides and complete the activities. We are focusing on newspaper reports. Since you are at home, please focus on planning a report about an activity that you did over the half term break. This could be something you or a sibling did.

Remember to include the newspaper features including quotes, facts and a picture with a caption



Have a look at this video about modal verbs - complete the activities along the way


RE - Forgiveness


Read through the slides and answer the questions along the way. 

If you get chance, have a look at our class charity How do they help others?


 RE Gods love and forgiveness HL.pdfDownload
 prodigal son story.pdfDownload
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Lesson 1 - Grammar & Writing

Complete the activities about hyphens. There's a BBC video to watch on expanded noun phrases:

Then, complete the writing activity in the powerpoint using expanded noun phrases.

Lesson 2 - Grammar & Writing

Complete the activities about types of sentences. 

Then, complete the writing activity in the powerpoint using expanded noun phrases.

Lesson 3 - Grammar

Complete the activities about prepositions. Then, annotate the WAGOLL finding the features mentioned in the powerpoint. 

Lesson 4 Reading

Write a book report on a recently read book. Try to complete some of the activities on the David Walliams website




 Lesson 1 HL.pdfDownload
 Lesson 2 HL.pdfDownload
 Lesson 3 HL.pdfDownload
 Lesson 3 WAGOLL.pdfDownload
 Book Report - Narrow Lines.pdfDownload
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Life Skills - Respecting others opinions

Have a read through this situation, answering the questions along the way. 

Try to also get some exercise whilst you are at home, getting your steps in, walking around the garden or perhaps doing a Joe Wicks workout!

 LIFE SKILLS HL Respecting_differing_opinions.pdfDownload
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RE - Research our Class Charities


We have two class charities that we will be fundraising for later in the year. Please do some research by using their internet sites and asking family members if they know of how they may help others.

Wellspring -

Maggies, Cancer care -