St Joseph's Catholic Primary School Reddish



Monday 11th November 2019 - Remembrance Day

At St Josephs we have Remembered our fallen by producing Poppies in our classes using different mediums and techniques such as recycled bottle poppies, clay poppies and collages. We have then decorated our prayer tables with our Poppies. In forest school, we cut our own wooden medallions and turned these into Remembrance Poppies as well as creating wreaths from leaves.  

Thursday 10th October 2019 - Mental Health Day

At St Josephs we raised awareness of Mental Health in our classes by producing some outstanding, reflective and deep pieces of work. As a school, we finished the week with a whole school yoga session to highlight the importance of keeping our minds healthy.

Year 6 - "We are going to change the face of humanity. Whether you like it or not!"

At St Josephs we are advocates of change! Year 6 have written powerful speeches in the style of Greta Thunberg in their English lessons in order to raise awareness of our climate issues.