St Joseph's Catholic Primary School Reddish


Welcome to our History page 


At St. Josephs our aim is to teach children the impact past events have had on our lives, in line with the National Curriculum. We aim to provide a challenging and engaging curriculum that allows children to think and reflect on events, people and times in the past and how they have affected our lives today.


History in Year Two 

The Great Fire of London 

In Year Two the children have been learning all about The Great Fire of London In 1666. The children have made projects at home which can be seen in the pictures, these are all on the Great Fire of London and have helped to enrich their learning- Thank you to all the parents who have supported their child'd learning at home. 

Year Two also went on a school trip to Staircase House to learn all about what happened and why. The children got to act out the story in the role of Samuel Pepys's and King Charles the second. They also learnt about fire marks and what would happen if people could not afford them in 1666. The children got to make a wall out of wattle and daub to understand further why the fire spread. 

History in Year Three

The Stone Age

In Year Three the children have been researching what happened in the Stone Age and how this has impacted on Britain now. The children are going to look at the Bronze Age and the Iron Age to develop their understanding of the past.

The pictures above show some of their amazing homework projects that they have done alongside parents to enrich their learning. The displays show clear timeline of the chronological order of the past to support the children's understanding and learning. 

History in Year Six



In Year Six they are researching the Anglo Saxons, they have been looking at ordering event chronologically and have started their research into the Anglo Saxons.  

The children have made their very own wonderful viking boats which can be seen showcased around the Year Six classrooms.