St Joseph's Catholic Primary School Reddish


Curriculum Intent for St Joseph’s

As a Catholic school, we provide opportunities for our children to become critical thinkers, advocates for change and responsible global citizens.

The curriculum has been designed around the requirements of the National Curriculum and to meet the identified needs of the children.

We spend a lot of time selecting and then adopting high quality schemes for teaching and learning. We do so in collaboration with external experts to ensure that the curriculum is sequenced in a logical and consistent manner and is progressive.

The result is a curriculum which is ambitious for all children and which ensures that appropriate support and challenge is built into all lessons.

Wrapping around the curriculum, and of great importance, is a programme of carefully planned enrichment opportunities in which the children engage to broaden their social and cultural awareness.


Implementation of the Curriculum at St Joseph’s

Teacher’s subject knowledge and the delivery of the curriculum is supported through collaborative planning meetings. These planning meetings ensure the sequence of lessons is appropriate, there is a focus on vocabulary, questioning, the key concepts and how these can be embedded into the long term memory with increasing understanding. We also use specialist teachers in MFL, Music and PE.

We use our learning environments as the silent teacher- enabling children to independently access the information they need from displayed vocabulary, mathematical methods and facts to complete activities in class. The environment and the use of knowledge organisers support children in remembering more of what they have been taught by embedding it into their long term memory.

Teachers regularly check children’s understanding through effective questioning and adapt teaching where appropriate. Assessment is used to identify any gaps in knowledge and skills so that next steps in teaching and learning are successful and informed.

Our curriculum is regularly reviewed to ensure that it is meeting the needs of all children in school and adjustments are made when needed.


Curriculum Impact at St Joseph’s

The impact of our curriculum can be seen and heard when you talk with our children about their experiences and the changes in our community and society they have affected.

The high quality learning which is produced in their books demonstrates the progress the children make from their starting points to their end points and this is celebrated through outstanding learning environments.