St Joseph's Catholic Primary School Reddish




Teacher: Mr Russell            Teaching Assistant: Miss Ryan

Spellings                                                                        Times tables to learn this week


1) familiar                                                              This week we will be revising a mixture of our 7x and 11x tables.

2) foreign

3) forty                                         

4) frequently                                                       

5) government                                       

6) guarantee                                      

7) harass                                  

8) hindrance

9) identity   




 1) Possible

2) Bored

3) Accept

4) Working

5) Special

6) Continue

7) Different

8) Avoid

9) Prepare


Share in our Learning Letter - Spring

Wednesday Word

Wednesday 15th January at 2.45pm in the Chapel.

All parents are welcome!

Super home learning games:

Game - Guardians: Defenders of Mathematica       

Game - Crystal Explorers   

Half Term Homework Project

5AR Wedding

5AR planned Mr Russell's wedding by creating an Order of Service booklet. We then acted out the wedding with Kye being our groom and Ava being our bride. (They did amazingly!) It was a beautiful ceremony and I'm sure Mr Russell will use some of the Order of Services in his real wedding!

Remembrance Day

5AR have written a poem and made poppies to remember those people that lost their lives in war.

Having fun in our Spanish lessons!

Meet the Teacher PowerPoint

Our trip to the River Mersey, Goyt and Tame!

Dates for the Diary

  •  18th September- Year 5 Trip to Stockport Rivers
  •  1st October- 5AR Gospel Assembly  

Home Learning for this term

 Literacy and Maths homework will be given out every Thursday and will have to be returned for the following Tuesday.

Daily Reading Expectation

The daily expectation is to hear your child read daily and for it to be signed each night once they have read.

In class, your child will be read every day either by Mr Russell or Miss Ryan.


My Book Blog is a great way to join in with the fun of reading 

and keep track of the books you have read!

If you have forgotten your login and password, remind Mr 

Russell or Miss Ryan to get it for you.