St Joseph's Catholic Primary School Reddish

Welcome to Year 4HM

We have had a busy start to 2020! Lots of fantastic learning is happening and  we have been trying our best and enjoying school with our friends. Keep up to date with everything on our class page.

A few changes this term:

Indoor P.E. -Wednesday      Forest School- Thursday    Games- Friday

Meet the team:

In Class 4HM we have:

Mrs Montgomery: Class Teacher    Mrs Mackenzie: Teaching Assistant           Mr Ali: Teaching Assistant

Children will be given spellings and times tables to learn every Monday.  They will be tested on Friday and you will be informed of their results weekly on the green cards.  You will find updated lists of the spellings on this page each week.

By the end of year 4 children should have quick recall of all times tables KEEP PRACTISING! 

WC 16TH March:  

We will be looking at our timestables from 2 to 12. Keep practising at home on TT rockstars!


Group 1 Spellings:  

Politician, optician, electrician, magician, some, sum, wight and wait


Group 2 Spellings: 

Often, some, thing, think, any and picture


Share the Learning...    Please find below the overview for this term.  We are covering some exciting topics so please feel free to get involved!

Grandparent’s afternoon!

We were delighted to welcome in some of our grandparents who spoke to the class about their own experiences in school. We were interested in finding out all about the toys they played with and how they had fun.  We are going to have a go at the games they suggested! Hop scotch and skipping for 4HM!!  They then shared in their grandchildren’s current learning. Thank you again to all those who were able to join us.

Parish Community!

A very big thank you to Fr Philip and members of his Parish team as they joined Year 4 to help them in their current RE topic of Community.  We have been looking the Parish community and what it means to be part of a community group.  The children asked very interesting questions and certainly learnt a lot about the amazing job all of the Parish volunteers do.

We have been diving straight into Ancient Egypt!

We have become historians as we have been using artefacts to find out about life in Ancient Egypt.  We generated historical enquiry questions and used the finds from Tutankhamun’s tomb to try to find answers. We will continue to search for answers this term using a range of evidence.

In RE we have explored Nativity scenes from around the world. We discussed how the images may be different but the messages are all the same. We designed our own Christmas cards based on our research.

Christmas carol concert

Wow! What a beautiful way to prepare for Christmas! The children worked incredibly hard to produce a stunning performance of readings and song.  The Year 3 and 4 children learnt new carols and worked as a team to produce a thoughtful and reflective service! Well done!


After all the hard work this term we celebrated in style with our Christmas party! Lots of fun was had by all as we partied and danced the afternoon away!

Autumn 2 Learning

In literacy we are writing adventure stories. We will be exploring what makes a good adventure story. We will be focusing on how we can build the scene in the readers imagination. We will post our stories later in the term!

We have started by looking at a WAGOLL - What a good one looks like - we have worked together to find out what our success criteria is for writing an Adventure story!


In history we have learnt about the quest to reach the poles! We looked at the race between Scott and Amundsen to get to the South Pole and had to use the clues to choose our team.  We looked at the route, the teams and the transport and had to work in groups to choose our options!  We generated historical questions and used a range of sources to research information.

We are Explorers!

Last term we developed our geography skills by looking at the world- we explored the lines of longitude and latitude and focused in on the polar regions. We explored the human and physical features of the artic and antarctic.

We have started to look at the work of explorers and will continue this term as we research the history of polar exploration! 
We became explorers on our trip to the Chill Factore! We experienced how cold the explorers must have been in their journeys to the poles!

In science this term we have been investigating Solids,Liquids and gases. We have begun to plan fair tests recognising the variables in an investigation. We have been investigating how objects melt- we have made predictions and recorded conclusions.

REX! We had a special visitor in our class! We have decided that Rex is an additional member to our class!

We have thought about World Mental Health Day. We will continue to shine a light on the importance of mental health in school. Take a look at our learning...

Check out our journey through Forest school so far...

Meet the Teacher: Wednesday 11th September 3.30pm

It was lovely to see the parents who could join us for our meet the teacher meeting.  If you were unable to attend please see the attached power point. Please contact us if you have any queries.  

Share the Learning- Our previous term's learning.

Each term we will provide a brief overview of the learning taking place in our class. 

Family! In RE In Autumn 1 we were looking at what being part of a Family means to us. We are one Family who love and care for each other. We will be looking at our own family trees and Jesus'. We will be reflecting on the part we play as members of God's family. We have asked the children to discuss their own family trees with you.

Autumn 1- In Science we have been looking at classification keys. We explored our outside space with our classification keys to see if we could identify the different invertebrates! We found lots of creatures and used our keys to for the unusual ones! 


Please ensure indoor PE kits are now in school. They are to be left in school for the half term.
PE is taught every Wednesday

Games will be every Friday

 Now we have stopped swimming we will have City in the community coach Chris to lead our Games sessions every Friday. Please remember your outdoor kit every Friday.


  • Recorders is on a Wednesday morning
  • Forest school is every Thursday- Please remember your kit - rain does not stop us!