St Joseph's Catholic Primary School Reddish

Welcome to 4HM-

Welcome back to school- We have missed you! We are so excited to be starting Year 4- Back together again!!  We have got lots of exciting learning to get our brains working.  We will be learning lots as well as getting back into our daily routine and of course spending time with our friends.  On our class page you will find lots of answers to any questions you may have.  We will post our spellings each week and reminders of when to bring kits etc. 

Our class page is updated regularly with the exciting things we are doing in class so keep checking in with us.  Any other questions or queries you may have throughout the year please get in touch.


In Class 4HM we have:

Mrs Montgomery: Class Teacher    Mrs Mackenzie: Teaching Assistant          

Children will be given spellings and times tables to learn every Monday.  They will be tested on Friday and you will be informed of their results weekly on the green cards.  You will find updated lists of the spellings on this page each week.

wc 28th September:

group 1: Unique    antique   weight    wait     there     they’re      their       disappear


group 2:  friend     school     water    every     half     money



By the end of year 4 children should have quick recall of all times tables KEEP PRACTISING! 

This week we will be practising the x8 tables for a test on Friday.


Share the Learning-    Please find below the overview for this term.  We are going to be learning lots of fabulous things and developing our skills across the curriculum.  We will be asking the children to complete some home learning projects over the next few weeks so please feel free to get involved!  We look forward to working together.

RE- Family! In RE In Autumn 1 we were looking at what being part of a Family means to us. We are one Family who love and care for each other. We will be looking at our own family trees and Jesus'. We will be reflecting on the part we play as members of God's family. We have asked the children to discuss their own family trees with you.


We have been using scripture from Matthew’s gospel to work out Jesus’ family tree. We worked in partners to find out the lineage fromAbraham to Jesus.

In science this term we will be been investigating Solids,Liquids and gases. We will begin to plan fair tests recognising the variables in an investigation. We will investigate how objects melt- we have made predictions and recorded conclusions.

ART- in art this term we are focusing on our drawing skills. We have explored how to create different shades using just our pencils.


During this current time we will not be having indoor PE.  We will be having 

Games will be every Friday supported by Chris from City in the community.  Please do not leave Games kits in school- Bring in Games kit each Friday.  Can you also send in a lightweight rain jacket as we will aim to get out in most weather.