St Joseph's Catholic Primary School Reddish

Welcome to 3SS!

Welcome to the 3SS class page!

The staff in our class are Mrs Smithies, Mrs Hooley and Miss Hulme.

We will be keeping our class page up to date throughout the year with photographs of what we have been getting up to in class; we hope you will keep checking in and seeing how much fun we are having in our learning!

Staff in 3SS: Mrs Smithies, Mrs Hooley and Mrs Hulme

Share in our learning letter

Children will be given spellings and times tables to learn every Monday.  They will be tested on Friday and you will be informed of their results weekly on the green cards.  You will find updated lists of the spellings on this page each week.

Spellings week beginning 4.1.21

Group 1:                                                                            

wishful           foolishness

beautiful        tidiness

painful            happiness

successful      kindness            


Group 2

unhappy         disappear

unlucky          disobey

unzip             disorder

unusual          dislike



This week Group 2 will be tested on their x3 tables.

Group 1 will be tested on their x4 tables.


Please remember your games kit every Friday!

Merry Christmas from 3SS! 

We hope you enjoy our Christmas poem.

We are ACE!

Ace Children in 3SS

Autumn 1 Week 1:

Misimi - Achievement

Evie-Jean - Commitment

Ellie - Effort

Ace Children in 3SS

Autumn 1 Week 2:

Ruslan - Achievement

Una - Commitment

Shay - Effort

Ace Children in 3SS

Autumn 1 Week 3:

Nicole - Achievement

Leyla - Commitment

Logan - Effort

Ace Children in 3SS

Autumn 1 Week 4:

Kaycie - Achievement

Shannon - Commitment

Charlie Z - Effort


Ace Children in 3SS

Autumn 1 Week 5:

Oscar - Achievement

Lola - Commitment

Rohan - Effort

Ace Children in 3SS

Autumn 1 Week 6:

 Michael - Achievement

Alexis - Commitment

Cyrus - Effort

Ace Children in 3SS

Autumn 1 Week 7:

Heidi - Achievement

Mieszko - Commitment

Lily-May - Effort

Ace Children in 3SS

Autumn 2 Week 1:

Ethan - Achievement

Connor - Commitment

Charlie T - Effort

Ace Children in 3SS

Autumn 2 Week 2:

Oliver - Achievement

Rory - Commitment

Leyla - Effort

Ace Children in 3SS

Autumn 2 Week 3:

Alexis - Achievement

Ruslan - Commitment

Lola - Effort

Ace Children in 3SS

Autumn 2 Week 4:

Evie-Jean - Achievement

Oscar - Commitment

Ethan - Effort

Ace Children in 3SS

Autumn 2 Week 5:

Charlie Z - Achievement

Nicole - Commitment

Misimi - Effort

Ace Children in 3SS

Autumn 2 Week 6:

Heidi - Achievement

Michael - Commitment

Rory - Effort

Ace Children in 3SS

Autumn 2 Week 7:

Una - Achievement

Logan - Commitment

Mieszko - Effort



In RE we will be learning all about the promises made by parents and godparents at Baptism, and how this sacrament welcomes us all into God's family.  During Advent, we will discuss the joys, (and sometimes demands!) of visitors and relate this to the very special visitors that the baby Jesus received at Christmas. 


'How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth' will be our first focus text this half term where we will be writing a set of instructions for this mammoth task!! Then we will move on to the beautifully written and illustrated 'The Lost Happy Endings' and the class will write their own magical story! 


We switch from History to Geography this half term, focusing on the different regions of the UK.  We will be using maps and atlases, learning what keys are for and comparing different areas of the UK with each other, and over time. 


In our Science work, we will start by looking at nutrition and healthy eating before moving on to the main function of our skeleton and muscles.  The children will have the opportunity to ask their own scientific questions, look for patterns and carry out research.  

Our Work...


To mark Mental Health Day, everyone at St Joseph's dressed in yellow and brought in a donation to support the charity 'Young Minds'.

In 3SS we started the day with some relaxing 'colour breathing', which we can use if ever we feel stressed, worried or scared to try and calm us down.

We then wrote one nice thing about everyone in the class which will be made into a bookmark for us, so if we ever feel sad we can read it and be reminded of how special we are.

We also made our very own worry dolls to take home! It was an incredible day and the children all looked fantastic in their yellow clothes.

Worry dolls!

ROCKS! (Autumn 1)

3SS have been learning about rocks in Science! We started by looking at some rocks in class, comparing them and identifying some of their properties. We then took a walk around the school grounds to look for examples of natural and man made rocks that we could see.

Stone Age Art! (Autumn 1)