St Joseph's Catholic Primary School Reddish


Welcome to RTR

Early Years Team 2019-2020

Teaching Staff

Nursery - Mrs Harrison

Reception - Mrs Howe    Miss McKenna       Miss Riley         Miss Robinson

Teaching Assistants

Mrs McCarthy    Miss Baxter      Miss Bridge       Mrs McCarthy

At St Joseph's the Early Years team work closely together, sharing the same outdoor environment.

Reception children all share the same indoor environment. Over this year, your child will meet all of these staff.

Your child's key teacher this year will be Miss Riley

If you have any concerns over this year, please speak to me. I am always around for a quick word first thing in the morning or will be happy to meet you at some other time if you need more time.

Important Reminders

  1. Please ensure your child's uniform is labelled with their name.  That way if anything gets lost, we can return it to you.
  2. School doors open at 8.35 and close at 8.45 when we register the children. If you are unavoidably delayed  please take your child to the main office and the office staff will escort them to their classes.
  3. School finishes at 3.15. We will keep our doors open until 3.25 and then ensure the children are escorted safely to our school office. If you are unavoidably delayed, please ring school so we can reassure your child.
  4. If you know someone new will be picking up your child from school, please let me know or ring our school office. 
  5. We will be outside most days at some point. Please ensure your child has appropriate outdoor clothing. (Waterproof coat with a hood, waterproof shoes, or sunhat depending on the weather).
  6. Please read with your child every night and write in their reading record. 

Important Dates

Share the Learning

Each half term we will send a letter home to share with you what your child will be learning in school and to enable you to support this learning at home. These letters will be uploaded onto this web page for your information

At the beginning of the year, most Reception children are learning to recognise and blend the 'set 1 ' sounds. Below is a link to a video to support the correct pronunciation of these sounds.

We also teach the children to blend sounds together - both with and without the letters, using a character called 'Fred' who can only talk in sounds, as seen in the link below:

Alongside learning the letter sounds we use phrases to help your child learn to correctly form their letters. We encourage the children to say these phrases as they practise their letters. These phrases will be sent home weekly as we introduce the letters.

Over the year we will be offering parent meetings to share our approach to the teaching of reading and writing. Should you have any queries please speak to Miss Riley.

Further information for parents from Ruth Miskin (the founder of RWI) can be found on: